Black Preacher vs Jewish Atheist (Reason Rally 2016) – VIDEO


I stumped a Preacher on absolutes and he decided to get into an asshole contest with me.
He lost.
Another preacher then took over and we had this debate.


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YHWH bar EL claims to be the author of evil and the bible is disgusting ^_^


Good job. I couldn't do it……I would be bald from pulling out my hair.


"Jewish Athiest"?

Cloe Jarozenski

Here's the quick and easy way to win the moral argument with a religious person:
1. Is God omnipotent? (Yes)
2. Is God perfect? (Yes)
3. Does God set the standard for what is right and wrong? (Yes)

Here comes the knock-out punch:
4. If God commanded you to rape and murder a child, then would you obey His command?

The religious person knows it is morally wrong, but if they want to remain consistent, they will have to say it is the morally right thing to do. This proves that religion is nothing more than a system of control – in which might makes right.


I know this is off topic but Mr Rose, I'm curious, I was at the Reason Rally 2012 but not at the 2016 one. How many people would you say were there at atheists for the rally. I understand that there are always lots of people there that are visiting and not necessarily there for the rally. In 2012 there seemed to be far more people in rainy weather than the hot rain free weather. This is judging by the video I have seen from the official Reason Rally stream. That black preacher never heard of the Euthyphro Dilemma. It's… Read more »


Isn't jewish atheist an oxymoron?


sjw cancer has infected "reason", nobody wants to be associated with that BS.

I love Philip Rose/TruePooka!