Meanwhile, in the land of the “religion of peace”…


‘Bodies, Windows, then One of Them Shot the Driver’: At the Scene of the Karachi Bus Attack

Gunmen separated children from adults before opening fire on a bus carrying 60 members of a minority Muslim group in Pakistan on Wednesday, the father of a survivor has told VICE News.

At least 45 Ismaili Shia Muslims, an international community who follow a Europe-based spiritual leader called the Aga Khan, were murdered in the attack in Karachi.

“My daughter told me that the terrorists asked passengers to put their heads down and also separated two more children from the others,” said a man whose daughter survived, but wife was killed. “One of the attackers ordered his colleague to shoot everyone, after which they began indiscriminately firing.” His daughter noted that all the attackers were speaking fluent Urdu, said the man, who gave his name as Mayoor.

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