Break on Through…

The Doors

RIP, Ray Manzarek.

The first 45 record (yes, I’m that old :/ ) I ever bought with my birthday money was “Riders on the Storm”. I was 5 years old (also bought “Maybe Tomorrow” by the Jackson 5 at the same time – see, I was eclectic even then!). 

That record was so pivotal to the course of my life’s love for music, true creativity, and obviously, The Doors. Fellow Chicago-born Ray Manzarek, along with Jim, Robby and John have given me, and countless millions a true gift. One that he always hoped would have a lasting resonance, and bring joy, love, and hope to the world. And of course, he was right, in spades. 

It is one of my greatest pleasures in life to have seen him live a few times, hear him speak about what life was about to him. How he believed that he was on a mission to add to the world’s positivity. 

This was an amazingly giving, generous and caring person. The guy is a genuine shining star. 

Thanks Ray, for the music, the memories and for a life you can be proud of. You will never be forgotten.


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