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Breaking News Exclusive: Israeli Woman Tells Dramatic Account Of War (Video)

Ada lives in Tel Aviv, Israel in the midst of an “unusual war.” Typically Hamas fires rocket while Israel uses its air assets. The home front is prepared for “a few days or two weeks.”

This time though Ada says war is different,

A ground operation appears to be in preparation. Friends have been called up, and officially, 45,000 soldiers are being prepared for extended operations. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talks about the long operation. The media has given us a warped version of the Palestine-Israeli conflict.

Grad missiles dramatically increase their reach,

The Grad missiles are killers,

Outside of Israel, it may seem that the Hamas rockets are more nuisance than threat–kind of like mosquitoes. Whereas suicide bombings rarely go off without casualties of some type, most of the rockets fired, thank God, fall in open fields or cause property damage more than human injury.

But the truth is that such rockets have caused death and grievous injury. They are not harmless, and unlike a few years ago, their reach has spread beyond the immediate south of the country to include Netanya, Beit Shemesh and yes, Jerusalem.


War is a terrifying experience for Ada, her friends and family,

We had an “up and down” siren last night around 10:30. People become paralyzed when they hear the sirens. Is it real? Where to go? And then (they) drop everything and run to some reinforced room or bunker. The nearest public bomb shelter is quite a walk–should one be outside to get there or is it better to remain inside? If inside, where? What room is safest?

These are questions that people in Sderot, Beer Sheva and elsewhere have been dealing with for years. Picture punctuating your life every 15 minutes and then trying to get back to work. I have read that all of the children in the south of Israel suffer from some type of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Ada was in the south of Israel a few months ago and saw what people there are using for air-raid shelters,

I saw the massive concrete sewer pipes that are used by residents for temporary cover when the air raid siren goes off suddenly. They have about 15 seconds “to do something.”

Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa do not have such elements–yet–but if Israel decides to leave Hamas and their missiles somewhat intact, then those big pipes might be finding their way to new locations like our neighborhood.

And what about the children? Do the kids go to school? Palestinian rockets have hit the schools even kindergartens in the south just weeks ago,

This was a question which Education Ministry did not decide until 7 this morning. They made an unusual ruling: schools that have bomb shelters are open. Those that don’t are closed. The officials probably could not take responsibility if such a thing God forbid were to happen here.

Though statistically, it may seem one in a million, after the fact, who will take responsibility for a flattened classroom filled with kids? Was a few hours of instruction worth the risk of life and limb? So school is out–for how long, nobody knows.

I am keeping my children at home.

Incredibly Israel still sends fruit and gasoline to Gaza in trucks with missiles flying overhead,

As the Gazans don’t care to return the fruit crates, there is a shortage of the same in Israel proper…this is nothing new. Israel supplies food, water, electricity, gasoline, power plant fuel and even new currency to Gaza. I would like to have seen Admiral Nimitz sending Admiral Yamamoto some shiny new quarters during the Battle of Midway.

As people like to say, “Only in Israel.”

In Israel people leave their radios on constantly listening for the interruptions announcing, “Code Red.” And then they wait, anxious to hear the location. Although Israel’s Iron Dome System quickly identifies projectiles and each trajectory toward population centers, “many continue their flights.” It takes,

A $100,000 missile to shoot down a $100 rocket, but to save lives, that’s the price.

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