The budget/Obamacare battle hits fever pitch. GOP is still clueless – VIDEO


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Democratic Rep. Reminds GOP Their Proposed Budget is Only Balanced BECAUSE of Obamacare!

Posted by: Bob Cull September 23, 2013

The TEApublicans in Congress have no problem at all with playing fast and loose with the facts and their current budget is no exception. While they work tirelessly and futilely to repeal the law they have no problem at all using it to make their budget numbers look better than they actually are, a fact that the ranking Democrat on the House Budget Committee, Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) pointed out on Sunday’s This Week on ABC.

As they passed a CR defunding the law they used the savings it would generate to show that their proposed budget would balance the budget in ten years. They are including in their calculations the $716 billion in Medicare savings to artificially make the numbers work, Van Hollen says that without those savings they would actually end up with a deficit of $400 billion in 2023 should they succeed in repealing the healthcare law.

Van Hollen challenged the TEApublicans to explain to the American people how they could use the savings and revenues from the ACA to balance their budget while simultaneously voting 42 times to repeal it. It is doubtful that any of them will accept his challenge since there is no way that it can be done.

Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA) who also appeared on the show and was the author of the bill which permanently defunds Obamacare responded by saying that the law is still widely unpopular among the American people. He pointed to a recent ABC/Washington Post poll which shows that 52% oppose the law while only 42% favor it saying, “I mean, it’s clear that I was in my district during August, listening to my constituents — ” at which point Van Hollen interjected, “I asked a question about the budget, Tom. You guys passed a budget that assumes big parts of Obamacare are kept.”

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