Buffalo Local News: Fall From Grace: When priests pray and bishops betray (2018)


“Fall From Grace” is an investigation of the Buffalo Catholic Diocese by the 7 Eyewitness News I-Team.

Damning documents from a church whistleblower formed the basis of a three-part series on Bishop Richard J. Malone, which proved Malone returned an accused child abuser to ministry and recommended he work with children; allowed another accused priest to remain pastor of a wealthy parish; and deceived the faithful by hiding the “real” abuse list — containing more than 100 priests — from the public.

It was likely the largest breach of documents from the “secret archives” in the history of the American church — and as a direct result of our reporting:

• The State Legislature in January 2019 passed the Child Victims Act, which reformed New York’s archaic sexual abuse laws and expanded the statutes of limitation on child sex crimes.
• The State Attorney General has launched a statewide investigation into clergy sex abuse.
• The Federal Bureau of Investigation has launched a criminal investigation of the Buffalo Diocese and the U.S. Attorney is building a racketeering case against church leaders.
• Buffalo’s civic leaders called for Bishop Malone to resign and Catholics have protested weekly.
• A total of 118 predator priests have been exposed. Countless children are now safe from abuse.



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