A Bush former AG speaks the truth about Obama’s responsibilities for SCOTUS? How dare he!! – VIDEO


Bush Attorney General: Obama ‘Has An Obligation’ To Fill Scalia’s Seat (VIDEO)

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is still dead and the Republican Party is still pledging to block any nominee for the vacancy that President Obama puts forth. According to right-wingers like Ted Cruz, the president doesn’t have the “right” to elect a new justice because in the distorted minds of the imbeciles in the GOP the American people only elect Democratic presidents for three years, not the four Republicans get. However, not everyone on the crazy side of the aisle believes this nonsense, actually a very high-ranking member of the Bush Administration, former-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, thinks that it is President Obama’s “obligation” to appoint someone to the court.

On Monday, AG Gonzales appeared on CNN’s New Day to discuss the “controversy” surrounding the vacancy on the highest court in the country:

“I know there’s a big debate going on right now about whether or not Obama should nominate someone. From my perspective having worked at the White House and the Dept. of Justice, there’s just no question in my mind that as president of the United States, you have an obligation to fill a vacancy.”

“I suspect President Obama is going to do his job,” he continued. “And after he does his job and nominating a hopefully qualified individual, the Senate will do its job eventually on its own calendar.”

The president absolutely has an obligation to fill the court, it is one of his most important duties as president. Of course, I don’t really expect Ted Cruz and his buddies to understand anything about “duties,” after all, these are the imbeciles that refused to do their jobs and shut the government down in 2013. Their most important job is to keep the government running and they couldn’t even do that.

If they decide to be the jackasses we expect them to be, they will once again cripple the government because they are literally incapable of governing. The Republican Party doesn’t feel an obligation to perform their duties, they only feel obligated to obstruct Obama — at any cost.



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