But… but… why does Finland claim that their UBI experiment is a success?


Maajid Nawaz says Universal Basic Income will help people pursue work as a passion after Finland trialled the money for nothing system.

But Carole Malone says the Finnish experiment failed.



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I wouldn't say no to an extra 500 quid a month.


My bone idle lazy family members would love double dole money. One thing for sure it wouldn't encourage them to get a job.

john hansberry

UBI is a sci-fi fantasy at present… whenever it runs into reality it distorts basic economics.

idziokracja !

Again imperialism again white man telling other because others don't have mouth to speak big brother or whot

The Liberal Capitalist

There was too much interrupting. Each person should be given up to a minute to speak.


the audio guy isn't getting paid ?


I'll have some of that free money please.

John Maclagan

Love it when middle class twats talk about things that never affect them. Where are all these jobs ? Every week in Dundee businesses are going down the toilet as well as automation

Maria Schick

Free money.,. What could go wrong?