Atheists are annoying, according to Buzzfeed – VIDEO





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The Amazing Atheist

I’m loving the commandments guys! 

Alex Smith

The Amazing Atheist complains about a couple of people from Buzzfeed saying
that atheists are annoying idiots, but doesn’t TJ’s annoying, idiotic
personality prove that Dave Stopera and Jack Shepherd have a point?


10 commandments of ab atheist 1. If you insult another religion or try to force yours on someone else you will be struck down with sticks 2. Do not kill or you shall be killed 3. Ban all religious and nonreligious advertising 4. Children shall not be forced religion apon, they must make their own decision. 5. Ban praying in public 6. Sundays are set aside for what you want to do, rather church, sitting at home, ETC 7. If someone says anything racist, sexist, ETC they will be arrested. 8. Equality for all 9. You may not insult someone… Read more »


I like how @ 6:50 you automatically assume the commentator is an atheist.
Like there’s no way someone else other than an atheist has this type of
scientific knowledge. There are intelligent theists out there TJ, despite
what you like to propagate. 

Antonio T. Fernandez

So far these are what I call the “Basics” •Hurting or killing is only permitted if 1.You are going to eat it 2.It is going to eat you (Humans are not to be killed or hurt (physically) by other human unless we are the last edible things around) •All killings must be done as quickly and painlessly as currently possible (So that the mind feels less pain) •Animals are people as much as people are animals (1+1=2 as much as 2=1+1). ♦Humans are people ♦♦BUT! ” People ” does not necessarily mean “Humans”! That is a very common misconception. •Any… Read more »

Shane Rea

I’m Australian and I’ve apologized on behalf of Australia for Ken Ham. The
figures I’ve seen say we’re 45% (approximate) atheist. It’s a nice place,
great beaches, laid back lifestyle. The last thing we need is a bunch of
morons cluttering up the joint. Please don’t send christians here.


Number 1: Bring me money.
Number 2: Bring me chicks, hot ones.
Number 3: Don’t question me.
Number 4: I am president.
Number 5: Help me finish my commandments 

Kyle Alexander

You weren’t loved as a child, huh?


So, basically, this list can be watered down to the basic statement of
“Atheists are a buncha poopyheads! Hur hur hur!” Gotcha, Teej.

Raechel Collins

Do you even blink? Anyways, I’m late to the party, but here are my ten commandments: 1. If it doesn’t harm others, or impede on their rights, and anything that needs consent is consented, go for it. 2. Look for your own answers in everything, and don’t just believe what you hear if there is no proof. 3. Have an open mind. 4. Don’t shame others for something out of their control. 5. Treat people the way they treat you. Don’t be a doormat. 6. Don’t involve children in your beliefs. You have no right to indoctrinate them. 7. If… Read more »


Wow! At 5:00 that looks like it’s actually a REAL test! Some teacher
actually used it!


Once we colonize mars, perhaps the scientists and us free thinkers can
inhabit it. The religious have been a plague on our species.

Jacob Zondag

I like the US: a place of many (contradicting) opinions.
I like the Internet: a place where their ideas clash.
I like science: because it makes sense and nobody kills nobody to make a
I even like religious folks when they try selling their silly stories.
Hell, I like everyone… well… nearly everyone, well… it’s more like
fifty percent, no… it’s less… let’s say it’s twenty five percent…
okay it’s less than five percent. To be honest I like very few people but
at least I don’t kill nobody over it.


Commandment: don’t be a dick.


1) Thou shalt not get in the way of science
2) Thou shalt not try to force thy beliefs on others
3) Thou shalt turn off thy F***ing cell phone in movie theaters.


I tried to think of something clever to say but couldn’t. Atheist Life

Skeleton Archer

Atheists: You stupid.
Theists: No, you stupid.
Atheists: NO! YOU STUPID!


1.Be an acceptable human being (being perfect is boring) your best not to say “like” after every 2 words
3.Dont let anyone tell you what to belive in or do
4.Dont give in to peer or non-peer pressure
5.Attempt to make a diffrence in someones life every 5 days


I think you are either mad or passionate about what you are saying. either
way you got my vote. lets face it, if a copy of lord of the rings was
buried millennia ago these gullible religious types would be worshipping
Gandalf, religion has caused war, murder and suffering throughout history
and still is today. look at the problems in Israel or Afghanistan. they
cannot deny it and still preach about a father figure from the dawn of time
who will spank us if we do not behave ?. hmmm. 


kinda funny how this video fulfills the fact that atheists are obnoxious


You really have tea with Mao Zedong and Stalin? PFFFFF! LAME! Hitler is
much better company.

zCuzzy :P

Lol, the Buzzfeed faggots are not gonna be able to pick up on TJ’s epic
sarcasm, considering the little to no IQ that they all have.


The Amazing Atheist IS the most annoying atheist.

Christian Campos

Technically aithiesm is a religion. Even the thinking Aithiest agrees on


1. Don’t hurt others both physically or mentally (with the exception of
rule 2)
2. Laugh at anything and everything religion related

Senior Sherlock

Atheist Ten Commandments: 1-Women shall be modest, feminine, and chaste while adhering to traditional gender rules, not for the sake of religion nor society, but rather, because it makes her happy as a woman 2-Women who are not exclusively chaste shall be made into public sex toilets available to the public, since once that chastity is gone so is her value as a woman. 3-A father has the right to have his wife, if she has gotten ugly or ugly by comparison, replace with his daughter. Only if his daughter hasn’t been arranged to another man beforehand. 4-All women shall… Read more »

Bart De Mulder

“I’m sorry dark one” :D


My atheist commandments: be excellent (to each other and otherwise) –
failures occasionally forgiven. 

will zinkie

I do not think buzz feed has ever met an atheist 

R. Crosby Lyles

One commandment that is obeyed already by most people, even atheists, Love
your neighbor as yourself. Because, God or no God, what comes around, goes


Well, I agree with you, but you can’t say ‘God doesn’t exist’. There is no
evidence, even though it seems unrealistic, but saying ‘I believe God
doesn’t exist’ is fine. I know there is way more scientific evidence of God
not existing than existing, but don’t force your beliefs on other people,
it makes you look like a jerk.

I am agnostic by the way.


My Moral Code: 1. Science is a study, not a thing 2. The Bible is Bulls*** 3. Athiesm is a combo of An = against and theism = belief, therefor not a religion 4. God has not been proven to be real, neither has satan, and the big bang theory is just a theory, so shut your f******* mouths creationists. 5. Belief is of least priority because it is a perspective of what people think is true, and that makes it nothing more than a strong opinion, and opinions are not always true. 6. Be the best person you can… Read more »


This is my working list 1. Be true to and adapt to truth and reality accordingly 2. Do not harm others unless unless to a reasonable degree with their consent (boxing, S&M etc) 3. Do not use force against others except for defense of oneself, others or in retaliation with and through due process 4. Treat everyone with respect who does so to you so long as they deserve it 5. Don’t use or manipulate others 6. Do not unjustly deceive or violate the trust of others 7. Have a system as a society to help those who need it… Read more »


So atheists are fat little kids wearing fedoras yelling like goats who
believe in satan? But…I don’t have a fedora!


I find atheists who make videos on YouTube about atheism annoying. And they
do usually act like they are the new freaking Plato or at least like
everyone else is stupid because they believe in god.

Oskari Kilpi

…Faaaaaaaaairly sure this article was satire.

For fucks sake TJ.


Christianity = Fascism

Its that simple.

I see 10 fingers

RT @holesinthefoam: Atheists are annoying, according to #Buzzfeed – VIDEO – #Atheism #Stupid

The Amazing Atheist is so funny

I read a article of a study that show that people have more opportunity of getting a job if your handsome even if not qualified. I’m guessing the person that wrote that on buzzfed was a armature with no education at all. I wouldn’t count that as right because is his opinion not facts. I take that offended. They ain’t important people to say that, I bet they don’t have a sociology degree to say that and if they do is because they didn’t learn shit.

Wow he’s so annoying…