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‘Can You Hear?’ Rude, Bullying Sean Hannity Badgers Palestinian Guest (Video)

Certified bully Sean Hannity invited a Palestinian guest onto his show for the sole purpose of baiting and badgering him, but the Palestinian, Jerusalem Fund director Yousef Munayyer, fought back, which caused Hannity to get more flustered and rude than normal.

Hannity asked Munayyer if Hamas is a terrorist organization, and framed the question by pointing out that the Hamas charter calls for the “destruction of Israel”. So clearly, Hannity had established his agenda from the very beginning and was merely baiting Munayyer into a “yes” answer so he could unleash his 100% pro-Israel fury onto him.

Munayyer would not answer the question, however, except to point out that the United States “certainly” sees Hamas as a terrorist organization. This infuriated Hannity, who continued to press Munayyer while asking him, “can you hear?”

Meanwhile, Munayyer called out Hannity’s bullying and pro-Israel agenda, saying that it is “very telling” that Hannity regularly has Palestinians on his show as guests only to shout them down. Munayyer then tried to discuss the “legitimate grievances” that Palestinians have only to be interrupted by Hannity once again asking the “is Hamas a terrorist organization” question.

At one point, a frustrated Hannity asked, “what part of this can’t you get through your thick head?!”

He also sarcastically asked the question “nicely”, an apparent acknowledgement that he knew he was being a douche bag to his guest.

As Munayyer himself asked on the show… what good purpose does this serve to bring a guest on the show and bully him? Hannity already has his agenda, and his schtick is to steer and control the conversation with his guests to fit that agenda. He won’t allow any guest that he considers an enemy to ask any questions or state their side of the story.

That’s not journalism. That’s bullying. And that’s Sean Hannity and Fox News.

Watch the exchange below.

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