Canada’s Office of Religious Freedom: extends protection to atheists – VIDEO



On Tuesday, February 19, 2013, the Canadian government officially opened the Office of Religious Freedom. While we support freedom of a religion as a fundame…



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Sorry, I made a mistake.
I meant to put that there are very few white people in MANY places, not just the whole of England.
For example, many cities are the majority coloured and whites the minority.


See, so long as their beliefs are peaceful I generally have no issue with “respecting” them. I may vehemently disagree with them, and I’ve no problem telling them why, but I’ve just found I tend to have an all around more rewarding experience myself in a debate if I do that respectfully. Too many people already think of atheists as stuck-up, mean spirited, cynical and so on. I’ve made some good friends of other systems of belief I never would have if I’d looked down on their beliefs.


Not sure about that first part…most recent information I could find suggests whites make up 79.8% of the English population. that’s over forty-two million people.


North Wales.

Thats in the UK next to England ( But its NOT England – thats full of imigrants and there is very very few white people live in england anymore )
Not that I am against coloured people or any ethnic diversity, but I am again multiculturalism. It does not work, and england is proof of that. There are entire areas that the police do not go to because they get attacked and even killed if they so, so thats bad.
But in Wales, they have not ruined us just yet.

Samuel Rockbridge

I think we should all try to respect other people, not necessarily their beliefs. No belief or claim is above criticism or reproach.

Samuel Rockbridge

Wow where do you live, sounds like a great place?

Samuel Rockbridge

I would like to see religion as well as any completely irrational claims exterminated. This is not something that can be done by force or coercion. It must be done through education.
You cannot force a people to give up their religion, they have to do it for themselves.


As usual I’m not surprised to see people calling the religious a disease. As a Christian most of my friends are atheists yet I would not call them a disease that needs to be gotten rid of. Nor do I ever want to see a Canada where they would loose their right to choose to be atheists. I’m for a neutral government, but what I fear in the future is when atheists feel enough power to exterminate the ‘religious disease’. I wonder if they see the hypocrisy in what they say? History repeating?

loung tran

Good job Assholes u gave our tax dollars to random countries. To fight oppression of religion? idiot as long they are at disagreement there will always be a conflict throwing money at fictional god


Man o man are you christians funny! You think because I know of your religion I have somehow inadvertently found god or he or it has found me!! Lol! I guess I know of mass murderers to don’t I!? I wonder why I am not a practicing mass killer? Please!


Religions promote and create wars. The world would be a better place if everybody would stop beleiving in the invisible man…. (which was created by man) !


I think we need to focus on the big picture. It’s not so much freedom of religion, but a freedom of ideologies

DISCLAIMER – the ones that are inherently good will still remain! i.e. murder is bad; and various drug dealing is bad… etc


Excerpt from the video: 2:38 [Russia – Feb 2012: Three members of the band Pussy Riot were sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred.” for sacrilegious performance at a Moscow Cathedral.]

Hmm seems they entered a place that was not theirs and started swearing to God… that sounds like it is deserving of a punishment… but 2 years hmm bit harsh?

Anyways the rest really isn’t as harsh or is related to politically oppressive nations to begin with.


It is sad how we can rationally come to a conclusion like this, yet still not want it to flourish.I honestly see this happening, Christopher hitchens did. We need to come to the conclusion that religion is a disease that must be stopped. Violence is not the answer yet all i see is violence towards us. homosexuals are a great case study and honestly if you can’t love someone based on sexual orientation you are not fit for the modern world… I hope this isn’t to extreme nor do i wish harm on any1


But we are going to be persecuted in the coming years……


Are you good enough to go to Heaven? Ever told a lie? Ever stolen? Ever looked at a woman with Lust? Ever hated anyone? If so, God sees you as a Lying, Thieving, Adulterer, and murderer at heart and you must face God on Judgment day.God will judge you by his Law’s. Will you be Innocent or Guilty? Heaven or Hell? Revelation 21v8 says; “All liars will have their part in the lake of fire” No thief or Adulterer will enter Heaven.You broke God’s Law’s but Jesus paid your fine! Trust in Christ alone


Atheism is not a religion. I am not a religious minority. I just don’t believe in the supernatural.


I think that’s a little native. Violence is often required to resolve fundamental conflicts between humans. To simply say “it’s not right” just ignores context. For example, the population in Bangladesh who support atheist bloggers who 100000s of angry muslims are demanding be executed would be well served to face the muslims with straight backs and guns, swords or steel pipes – whatever is the appropriate level of violence to make a solid point.


I’m not exactly sure what the big deal is. I AM an atheist. I say it. I declare it and I have NO fear from anyone because of it. All atheists have to do is prepare yourself with knowledge and spit it out when confronted; or just say “Prove your faith or fuck off.”


How am I NOT surprised.


I agree, the blank wall is ugly and confining. Rather than change an angle, tighten or loosen the main shot. But that’s kind of petty since we’re not here to criticize the technical content. The journalistic content was great. Thanks!


I agree. It’s very jarring when the camera angle changes but the commentator does not. It reminds me of an error during a news cast where the reporter doesn’t realize another camera is on. And like you say, it’s imperative to maintain eye contact in something like this. Good video, but the camera angle thing was a bad choice.

Shana Bell

@699backstab well…well…well….someone is a little pissy. I am atheist too but to say you want to kill people is a fucking sick thing to say or think. We need to educate and fight with words not violence. Its the only right way.

Christopher Townsend

This is very important information and I’m really glad I watched. I’ll be sharing this video so more people will know, too.

All the same, I can’t help feeling like the video could have been presented with a bit more personality and better pacing. We want to motivate people to action, right?


It’s all about the fewings! Anyone who has seen feminism at work knows it’s all about fewings! That’s why it’s okay to persecute men for women’s bad behavior. I really believe any organization that supports critical thinking should examine any ideology that labels 51% of the population, the majority of college graduates, and the people who the minority have “the duty to protect,” a “minority” and “victims.” It’s almost as if women have no agency and incapable of making their own decisions!

Atheism TV

Great work on this video. I also am trying (unsuccessfully) to contact this office, for the same reasons.

Please let me know how I can help.


Great video. One technical point however… when a camera angle of the commentator changes, it is imperative that the commentator follow the change in order to have continuity and eye contact with the viewing audience. Keep up the good work.

Justin Trottier

That’s the Maldives, an island nation that unfortunately doesn’t show up very well on the map.


I am just so happy to live where I live.
There are people of many religions and there is no persecution of any kind fom anyone or any group towards anyone else for their beleifs.

Well, there are a few muslim families that have taken over a couple of local shops that are a bit nasty and angry to everyone, but hey-ho… we just dont go there anymore.


2:25 Why is there a second India-looking thing in the Indian Ocean?


Blasphemy, a victimless crime if there ever was one. The whole notion of it makes the religious and their god both look rather petty and thin-skinned.

Steve Weir

Time to run a party of secularists in Canada that respect human rights (the real issue) and relegate religion to its proper place, out of the public forum.


Found it thanks.


We are following the US down the same road of wacky conservatism. Bye-bye science and reason! 


It does seem like this institution is designed to spread Christianity to shore up the conservative base.

Atheism TV

This video should be watched by every single Canadian.

Dan Froese

Harper also stated in another press release, that,,, Historically freedom to choose a religion has been fought for by people of faith. This is historically inaccurate,,yet it constitutes the basis of his claim.

Wallace Finch

John Baird needs to read a book now and then rather than admiring the sound of his own voice.


If you mean the Feb 19 episode of Power & Politics with Even Solomon it’s posted on the cbc dot ca web site. It’s the lead story for the episode.

Pierre A Renaud

Significant exposé on the ORF problem: thanks, CFI – Shared.

Thanks for the Top Notch article, choicejoyce. “Freedom from religion: An essential right for all” by Joyce Arthur | March 1, 2013″
/columnists/2013/03/freedom-religion-essential-right-all (on


Very Impressive video. I have done a tremendous amount of research in the last few years and I have collected evidence to prove that all religions are false. They are actually misrepresentations of allegorical stories. I know that doesn’t explain much in this tiny box, but for a start I refer everyone to the work of Ashra Kwesi & Bill Donahue on here. If anyone needs any further information, do not hesitate to contact me. I have been victimized for my verfiable beliefs & heavily attacked for it.