Carl Sagan – Drug War Questions… – VIDEO


The following is the content of a letter, sent from Carl Sagan to the president of the Drug Policy Foundation, regarding the possibility of a drug policy debate on American television. The…

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  1. They don’t call it “dope” for nothing. That stuff is bad for you. But I
    don’t think drugs should be illegal because it’s not my business or the
    government’s what you decide to put in your body.

  2. Sagan was entitled to ask these questions as a private citizen, but the
    attention he draws comes from his public position and not his private

    This is an example of the “Noam Chomsky Syndrome” – the belief that because
    someone is an expert in one field they have insight into another. Given
    that Tom Sowell explains this in detail. I’m surprised ot see this video on

  3. carl sagan, a real man of science, sadly there are no others like him in
    the public eye today.

  4. I think the question of good or bad is irrelevant to the particular debate
    about the drug war. It is more about liberty or tyranny.

  5. My simple answer is that, “statism” without misery is pretty much like
    “religion” without hell.

  6. we’ll get all the drugs we want when we reach zero privacy in our lives,
    then it can be taxed and distributed properly.

  7. The drug war is brought to you by the Republicans. The dems are only
    following along because if they dont, they will be painted as “soft on
    crime”. Yes the dems have no spine.

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