CBS News: Whistleblower and deacon on “painful” process of revealing alleged priest abuse cover-up


There are investigations into sexual abuse by Catholic clergy in 13 states, including the diocese of Buffalo, New York. “60 Minutes” spoke with members of Buffalo’s Catholic community who are revealing the scope of the efforts to cover for accused priests. Siobhan O’Connor, the whistleblower who leaked hundreds of pages of documents detailing the cover-ups, and Paul Snyder, a church deacon and the first clergy member to call on Bishop Richard Malone to resign, join “CBS This Morning” to discuss their decision to speak out.



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Terri Williams

What hero? She is really a piece of work. These cases are very old. The church has been settling these matters with money and disclosure for decades. This "news" is a total joke.

james dolph

so what would Jesus do? answer is in Matthew 18:6 or maybe Luke 17:2 …. just saying … BTW if it were my kids I would have shot the raper

Stan Mann

US Navy rapes just as many boys as the Catholic church. The US Navy has their own law enforcement to cover up child rape.

Paul Capella

Why are so many priests queers
Why the protection for savages
Many police stations are doing exactly the same thing


Fake News , There is NO child Molestation in the church.  GOD gave you 2 feet, how come you didn't run?????   There is NO molestation..  They want Freee lawsuit money.  God is going to punish these lying kids

pat d

Malone hasn't spoken to her because she knows too much. He can't throw up his smoke screen and fool her ..

Getcho Life

Why do they lead with one of the rare cases of a GIRL being abused? To deflect from the overwhelmingly homosexual problem in the clergy?.. almost 90% of the abuses were perpetrated on teenage boys. As un-PC it is to admit it, the problem in the Church is rampant homosexuality. CBS attempts to paint this as something else.

Terri Suder

Catholics worship the devil instead of "THE LIVING JESUS CHRIST"!!

George Penton

Ah, isn't the spirit of Vatican II wonderful!

This kind of crap never happened before Vatican II, or at least happened very seldom.


If certain people are above the law, then there is no law

Randolph Scott

Church militant YouTuber reports on gay pedophile priest that are thru out the whole of the Catholic Church. This will give many pause when thinking about gay males period. What will ultimately come out is how pedophiles and gay males are one and the same. Chester the molester in my neighborhood was always gay.

david nichols

Every time I see these people with their fake straight hair, I feel like I'm being taken for a fool.

Rob Koch

I was abused in another church. No one will do a thing. Nothing, even the police will not investigate, and I have a witness alive, the man's daughter who is still alive. Its all been hushed up. This was in the 1970s, and yet the system goes after the Catholic church from things in the 60s. It's all a sad joke. We will never get justice.

Soso Soso

They need to do something about the Catholic Church it’s so shameful

Marie Just Marie

It is not licit to do evil that good may come of it. (Rom 3:18) Her stealing church documents was just as wrong.

Heaven Sent

Thank you.. You both are truly blessed..

Free Speech

I want to give this woman a hug. She is a hero.

Mike Mustang

This lady is an example of Catholic faith in action. I honestly think most laypersons would do the same, bu would struggle with giving up their job to cross that line, but this is exactly what the call to discipleship demands. As she said, at the end of life, she will not answer to the bishop, but to God. Bravo, sister!! Bravo!!

Clare Logue


Mickey Krebs

Thank you Siobahn–you have always been so compassionate and loving –I know this must have been so hard for you. My prayers and love to you.

Patricia Burke

God will bless those who speak the truth! It is heartbreaking to know that this has gone on for so long without being stopped! The actions of these perverts are so sickening. They should be arrested and put in jail, like any other criminal. God bless the survivors and those brave people who spoke out.

Alejandra Fidalgo

this is real news! so important, Not the Kardashians or any reality show what so ever. the culture now is so mesed up

Marie Just Marie

She leaked documents? She took what didn't belong to her and leaked them? She was wrong to do that. She gave the documents to Charlie? She was wrong to steal from the church office things that did not belong to her. I may get blowback from this, but she was wrong to do this.

Beverly Huttinger

The Church had a Nun murdered in the 1960's because she was going to expose a priest for sexual abuse in Baltimore!


What a brave and noble woman.