CBS News: Will House Democrats get their hands on Trump’s taxes?


Politico reports that Treasury Department officials are working on a plan that would keep the president’s personal tax returns hidden from House Democrats. Politico White House reporter Nancy Cook spoke to CBSN about the legal argument officials are preparing.



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Lawrance Ovarabia

The poor innocent man has nothing to hide…and yet, hides so damn much!


If a Democrat President didn't show his or her's tax returns when they become President. I think the Republicans and their followers will be all over them.


No, Americans don’t care about his taxes you are wrong Pelosi. I don’t give a rats rear end about his tax returns. Really? You think ANY of those politicians release ANYTHING factual ANYTIME? Get real. It’s the pot calling the kettle black on both sides of the aisle

Humble one

Maybe he deducted money for his pee pee tapes

Anthony Leverock

Well he said dept is good and he became rich by being in dept once upon a time. Makes a person think what type of bills$it it wrote off for his taxes. It would show a lot, I am positive.

susan sanders

Well I guess we just need to ask Russia to get them.

Jannett Snow

That's wrong, he needs to show his tax returns like any other president. If he doesn't take him out office now..why should everyone else have too show their tax returns why can't he

Conjurer Woman

He rue the day he ran for the White House! UNMASKED!

Mr. Sherlocked

Reena N. Great reporting.


Demoscums are so desperate to find some little crumb to sink trump, it's become a sitcom on capital hill

Michael R.

So pelosi is a multi millionaire [as all the rest],on 200k yr.lets see[ their] taxes and underhand payments[ thank you so much for the help, will have to check my phone..btw..USA USA -You Communist need to go

Trumpster fire!

We will see his taxes over his dead body. Hey! That's not a bad trade!

David Ellis

It's time for #45 to reveal his tax records & reveal what a fraud he is.


Tax returns are PRIVATE and certainly should not be released to someone with no just cause. I wish the Dumocrats would govern our country and work on national issues that affect the citizens.

Tony Preston

Al Sharpton committed tax fraud and no one cares..why do you fools care about Trump’s taxes? Rachel Maddow already “leaked” his taxes from 2005 and he paid a crap ton of taxes that year.