CBS This Morning: Democrats to request documents from Trump associates in obstruction probe


Democrats in Congress are set to request documents from more than 60 of President Trump’s associates. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler said it is “very clear that the president obstructed justice.” His committee is investigating possible crimes Mr. Trump may have committed before and after he was elected.



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Naheim Googolla

Imagine if the Republicans probed Obama God forbid… Couldn't even get him to cough up his certificate, let alone how he gave the country away to Islamic Terrorists and didn't even have to answer..All the Democrat sheep just bowed down to him and trough rose peddles in front of him as he walked with his puppet master leader Valerie Jarrett.

Eric Claeyborn

ooooo… now the Democratic Party will investigate obstruction against President Trump because he cursed? Where's the obstruction? Where's the collusion? Where's the treason? The Democratic Party is further unglued because none of their unfounded accusations are sticking.

John McCall

Democrats are not for America or Americans they are out to end America and end freedom!! open borders and slavery aka socialism!!
keep digging on Trump maybe you'll find out he cheated in English class in the 1st grade……."show me the man and I'll show you the crime!"…

Mike Perkins

Good Morning America!
What dumb sht will Trump do today?

only the truth 1

No wonder President Trump's approval ratings keeps going up. People see what's going on.

Honest Business

Stop cursing. Your the president. Conduct unbecoming a president.