CBSNews: Hidden cameras capture 2 abuse victims confronting Catholic priest


A former Catholic priest pleaded guilty to sexual abuse charges involving two boys. David Poulson faces up to 14 years in prison for incidents that happened between 2002 and 2010. He’s one of only two Pennsylvania priests to face charges since a grand jury report identified hundreds of abusive clergy. Nikki Battiste spoke with two victims who confronted another priest with hidden cameras.

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Jay Ford

This is what happens when a fairy tale prevents normal human sexual behavior. They turn to the kids


To confront your abuser takes such amazing courage. Hope this was able to bring you some sense of healing and peace.
If only abusers had an ounce of your courage and would seek help rather than inflicting such pain on a child.

Alana Khoury

My uncle molested me for years as a child. I will never be okay.

leslie heyward

And they still attend and send there children there.???

Money Carlos

Up to 14 years might get 5 for rape my Homeboy got 20 for a kilo …. Drugs are optional SMDH


Oh ? So God is going to say. "Come in to my kingdom. I forgive all your sins of rape because it was such a long time ago."


Do people still trust the Roman Catholic church? I do not.


It’s not a church. It’s a crime syndicate.

Michael Walter

Legalize the killing of homosexuals, including those hiding behind a Roman collar. Homophobia is a virtue.

Jason Ferguson

To see the pain of these men still suffering for so many years. Tragic and evil!




The Catholic live in denial …..they know not how those in power of the church live. There is a woman from 1948 Diane??? on video telling of her wanting to be a nun at the age of 16 and walking into a place of horror. She explains what the power of the church is all about.


Most of these children buried it until they became adults…….when so many blame one ….it should be taken to prosecution.


They are so brave.

Chris Resendes

Rome just declined the the amendments made by the usccb. So we will see what happens , and what the holy see will do?


Those two guys are insanely brave, going public like this. Pain turned into strength. Righteous.

wurz elle

Would anyone here let a priest look after their children?

Iz mark

Cancel All Religion Everywhere, It's BS, all of it.


The government and religious institutions cover up child pedophilia. Why am I not shocked?


For all the Catholic apologists out there who still donate money to their local diocese, keep in mind that a nice proportion of that money goes towards lobbying local, state, and federal governments to make sure that laws are not changed so priests can still get away with this and not be charged years later. So you are supporting, to this day, the Catholic Church's ability to get away with child molestation. It makes the rest of the public sick to our stomachs, especially when we have family who are Catholics and are constantly saying "but it's only a small… Read more »

Amish deviant with Herpes

These priests need to be slaughtered publicly

vasily stalin

when the priest gets too close

Leslie T

It’s so nice to be white ahh the privileges 14 years for rape. Wow!! Probably less for “good behavior.” Smh statue of limitations for rape should not qualify, ever.