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Anant Pandit

I been here for a while, watching as athird person and hearing both sides. Saddest thing i feel non-exiting or second ref. would break the country really really bad. i fear beyond repairable. I do not see a "good" brexit at all. but not going now feels the exiters would blame, poison, along with media for decades to come … it would not be a United Kingdom

Lambert Simnel

Shit or Shitterer, that is the question.
They are ALL Self Serving Duplicitous SHITE.

Mark Shirley

Unbelievable – I'm a living in a third dimension.

uwe in Hamburg

What about the fish??

Karsten Topp

as I said all the time: The WTO is a dictatorial supernatural organization that has no democratic legitimation at all. I have not voted for any WTO representative nor has anybody else on this planet. I suppose that the UK unilaterally declares to leave the WTO to be free to negotiate their own trade deals without the stupid dictatorial WTO regulations that an unelected organisation put upon us.

Facebook Facebook

This Brexstrimism is either dangerous or doesn't know what he is talking about. WTO tariffs are not two ways, he lied.

Anna Silvera

Hey, what happened to the Electronic track at the start of your videos? I loved that :c

Nigel Palmer

Did she just say we could have genuine free trade that the capitalists keep raving about, that the markets could be allowed to work as they are supposed to? I'm as always baffled, is that bad?


Canada +++++ the week before, WTO last week, what's it gonna this week??

They must be running out of horses to flog by now… This entire debacle is getting more and more obsurd as the weeks go by.

Land Rover has announced 5000 job cuts coz of brexit. I bet 90% of those factory workers have got exactly what they voted for…

Don't say we didn't warn you…

Ragna Eyjadóttir

How the debate has shifted from

– everything will be better! more power, better deals, more wealth for everyone …


– come on, lets not panic, things will not be as bleak as projected. Yes, we may suffer a little, but look at the future .. it "might" just be alright. Do not loose all hope!

Freely Liberal

Shouldn't be long now before we hear about an extension to the ultimate supposed March deadline. May has turned Brexit into a Conservatives power game and will do anything to prevent Corbyn getting power. Hell, she's said as much to parliament.

Chris Pascoe

Way to go maybot, you surely have fecked up Great Britain!!!