Chasing The Scream: The Story of the Drug War You’ve Never Heard Before (w/ Johann Hari)… – VIDEO


Journalist Johann Hari, explains the motivation for his new book Chasing The Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs. Why were drugs banned to be…

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  1. Laws have to be based on credible info.
    There’s never been any credible info for the drug war, so it’s always been
    a tyrannical war on free people.

  2. I do hope to see a world where there is fairness and no drug war, but it
    seems so far away. I am a supporter of LEAP, though.

  3. “We are discovering that human beings are creatures of chemical habit with
    the same horrified disbelief as when the Victorians discovered that humans
    are creatures of sexual fantasy and obsession. This process of facing
    ourselves as a species is a necessary precondition to the creation of a
    more humane social and natural order.”
    — Terence McKenna

  4. Hopefully in the near future all drugs will be legalised and sold from
    pharmacists. Let’s get the criminal element out of the drug trade, free up
    our police forces and empty the prisons.

  5. I think it is kind of cute how Johann gets impatient with Sam’s stuttering
    and just makes an assumption where he’s trying to go with his question and
    then runs over him. I honestly didn’t realize how bad a speaker Sam was
    until watching this.

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