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I’ve been hard at work spitting out my kooky web ideas lately, and finally, one has come to fruition (Woohoo!)

As you probably know if you’ve been on this site more than a week or so, alternative/renewable energy is something that’s dear to my heart. I developed a profound respect for it during my years of sailing my boat through the Caribbean for the last several years. Before that, the concept of TRUE self-sufficiency always seemed implausible to me. Well, suffice to say, it’s not, and I’m now a huge fan of alternative energy! Therefore, I decided to spin off a new Tumblr-style blog about it. Just like this blog, this is not just about dollars and cents for me. This is a subject that I consider HUGELY important to our future. Alternative, renewable energy is something that we need to ALL get invested in, at whatever level possible. 

Clean-Energy-Now.Com shall venture to be a go-to place for all things renewable energy. I’m tapped into some excellent sources for news and information, as well as information about upcoming technologies, developments, products and services as they hit the market! I’m really into future technologies in this field, and it will surely show on this site!

CEN’s goal is clear, and simple. To make information accessible and easy to understand by the average person who just wants to reduce their own carbon footprint, save money, and best of all, help save this planet! 

We’ll be accessible via all social channels including the following, so pick your flavor or flavors and get connected!

(Just click to visit any):

Main Site –!





Other channels will be online as well in the coming week. So get connected and share, baby, SHARE! 🙂


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