Christian Bullshit Nailed by Bill Maher – VIDEO


Christian Bullshit Nailed by Bill Maher. SUBSCRIBE PLEASE Antitheist Atheist h…



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Sahih Christian

this is an atheist. a low class trash morality person. he has no moral
boundaries. he just does whats right in his own eyes. and he got everything
about Christianity wrong. typical self proclaiming ape. lying isn’t one of
his moral anchors. in the end, a monkey will never understand .because hes
a monkey. so give the monkey a banana and leave him to be an animal.

Tom Adams

” I’m a non Christian …just like most Christians ”

Typical !!!!! An atheist looks at the news of some bad radical religious
people and comes to the conclusion that all of us must be like them .
Lame !!!!!


All religions are complete bullshit !

REVIVAL NOW OR BUST ...are you busted for eternity!?!

THE ONLY THING MAHER IS NAILING …IS H I M S E L F to eternal hell, denying salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. While he revels and enjoys these comments, as you do yourself, he is in the deepest of “spiritual darkness” before hell hit’s him in the face. Then the blaspheming, laughing, and mocking and hating God is over abruptly and THEN the eternity of anguish, shame, torment, and eternal condemnation sets in for what he and others like him have done to defile God’s name. Quote of Jesus; “THE WAGES (reward) OF SIN IS (eternal) DEATH; BUT… Read more »


Religion is meant to bring inner peace but it makes me fuckin furious.

dazana blake

Jesus teaches love and forgiveness. He suffered terribly for humanity. Bill
Maher has no idea what hes saying. Although, hes funny. See, we Christians
can laugh at ourselves.

Eric Crinbouche

you may not judge the past by the present, humans are basically savage
creatures, but prophets have helped humans to be nice to each other.

Robert Smith

The cruelties of nature outside of human affairs are beautiful when put
next to the savagery of human beings. Humans’ sense of morality has
resulted in many atrocities just because we tend to think we are
absolutely right. The moment when someone thinks they are right is when
everything turns sour. A human can use anything to justify their actions.
The saddest part is everything used to justify their actions can’t even be
proven to exist. To be self-aware in such great depth is torture.

Ashley Ridgway

I think, as a Christian woman living in the buckle of the Bible Belt, he makes some valid points about the behavior of our churches and those who call themselves “Christians”. Although I don’t agree with everything he says, some actions of ours should be acknowledged as needing change. Will I support Bill Maher’s elitist attitude at the expense of those actually trying to worship someone other than themselves? No, but I will take his opinions into consideration as a sort of critique of myself and my fellow Christian brothers and sisters. The truth is, everyone needs to practice kindness…and… Read more »

Erika Kovich

Omg, lol lol everything he says, he nails it..only 3 minutes long.

Christian Bullshit Nailed by Bill Maher – Antithe…: palm

I need donations to put out real truth commercials showing solid evidence carved in stone from Egypt and Iraq that show the Old Testament plagiarized the Sumerian religion and the New Testament plagiarized the Egyptians. Like the 7 days of creation, the Noah ark story, man being made out of clay and the Moses story the part of being floated down the river story in a basket made of reeves all came from the Sumerians written 3,500 years before the bible. The rest of the religion came from Egypt 3,000 years before the bible. Horus is Jesus, Isis is… Read more »


If theists are happy with their religion, then why should atheists care?

Mark Butier

I am a catholic and the things that pisses me off the most is dumb ass
Christians like Sahih Christian down below calling people apes and immoral
blah blah blah give it up, your an idiot, and atheist who say God doesn’t
exist by going on about physics metaphysics Philosophy. I don’t care just
live your life and I’ll live mine and let the peace ensue. 

hollow hype

I fucking hate christians so much they are so dumb and deluded.

Miaka Tan

Who can prove that God isn’t real? No one can really tell. I’m Catholic by birth. We were taught about God since young. However, I don’t believe or agree in everything that the priest or bible is teaching. I agree on some but not all. I was taught that God is good and just and that he would never want to see us suffer. I see a lot of people suffering. I see a lot of hurt and pain… I pray and pray but for some reason sometimes I just feel that God is using me so that others can… Read more »

Mako prepper

Christian Bullshit Nailed by Bill Maher – Antithe…:

Ashley Graham

Christians, I love you, but some of ya’ll are dumb. Take my grandma for
instance, she LOVES getting her nails painted but, not trying to be racist,
she hates going to the salons because the people there believe in Buddha.
And the other day I told her I was an atheist and she said, “No, Ashley,
you HAVE to love God, You HAVE to.” And so I told her, “Grandma, I don’t
HAVE to do anything. Me and the devil will fist bump each other , while
screaming, ‘CHUG, CHUG, CHUG!’ To Satan.” I’m pretty sure she hates me now.
Sinning once again. 


If religion hadn’t impeded science for centuries, I reckon we would have
had a cure for cancer by now.

Cris Duce

The bible says: God Loves you.
I say: Bullshit! God loves what he can do to you. There’s a big deference.

Dr Death

Ya gotta love *Bill Maher*, he says more in less than 4 minutes than any
“preacher” does in an hour or more! My entire life I have been surrounded
by those who claim to be “God-fearing Christians…” and yet all of them –
save for two – are some of the most spiteful, hateful, ridiculous idiots
that I’ve ever encountered. Rock on, Bill, rock on!!!

Simon S

3 minutes 46 seconds of logic and reasoning that will never reach the
people it should matter to the most


when this people go to hell your so call friend aka the devil will be
laughing at you while you scream & burn for the rest of your life for ya
antitheist dummys that read this remember what im saying even tho you think
your not going to burn forever just remember the devil is not your friend 


this is my face when i see a completely honest comment about how “stupid”
atheists are.

Rob Thompson

Is Pat Robertson dead yet? 

Lokeal Votaro

Due to his talk practically promoting the idea that Jesus was a good role
model, I’m going to have to message him and ask him to stop encouraging
people who believe such.

Here’s the real details on which to decide whether he is a good role model
or not, and the most frequent answer after actually reading all of such is
“It would be easy to find a better role model for sure”.


I think a majority of you atheist have the wrong view on what believing god/Jesus is. I am saying that the super religious people have gave you the wrong impression which may have made some of you not want to believe or even think about it. First of all let me say this and I hope you believe it. There are many of you atheist who right now could have a higher chance than going to heaven than alot of so called Christians. What is stopping you though? Its not what you think because alot of what you see has… Read more »

Dane Mahi

God loves ALL of you 🙂 have a blessed day brothers and sisters in Christ

John Brannon

Religion; a taught theory for the ignorant, and a blanket for the weak.

Man was not created in gods image, rather god was created by man.


romans are pussies he still has his eyes……….

someone go get me a beer


God’s sacrifice of Jesus was like putting a quarter with a string attached
into a coffee machine. He knew he would get it back!! He knows all.

alqia mirzan

i see gorilla speaking!so hillarious

Graham T Harvey

Bill Mayer uses the words of Jesus to detail the hypocrisy in Christianity. All you need do is go and see a genuine pastor who does the same thing to a congragation who are getting it wrong, like the rest of us. Saint Paul said similar things that Bill is saying “There is no one righteous, not even one; (Romans 3: 10). Atheists are so bunged up with insults and slurs, and yet every country that has got rid of God has collapsed after destroying millions of lives. Faith in a wonderful energy of God and Jesus is the answer… Read more »

Edward Lopaz please watch my why Christians are

Nicholas Vaters

and yet again not actually reading the book…or understanding it. ojh and
“let he who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one” who wants to take a
STAB at who said that one.


I believe in Jesus, and Bill Maher is absolutely right about the fact that
if your violent, or if you support violence, or if you judge others such as
homosexuals, than you’re not really understanding or embracing Jesus.

Mr. Mayhem

All christians are fucking NUTS!


Everyone here should email this video to a hypocritical Christian they
know. Ruffle their feathers a bit for the holidays! :D