Darkmatter 2525: Christian “Justice” – VIDEO


What would the American Justice System be like if we implemented New Testament rules?
Created and reuploaded with permission of Darkmatter2525. Check out his channel for more great videos! http://www.youtube.com/user/DarkMatter2525



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Harvey Holloway (Healer)

First children would be killed, second there would be no freed om of thought. Crimes like rape would have the absolutely stupid biblical rules attached. All this does is make girls targets of guys that can not get dates and older guys wanting a younger woman. It is a sorry day for a young lady if Christians ever have a say in law. It would be a backwards day for any nation.

Anonymous surfer

I love you too.

Warren NZ

I thought the first guy was going to get sentenced to marry his victim. That's in the Buy-Bull too.

Rohan Zener

I just saw Tektontv's reply to the video. He may think Dark is just an uninformed funds atheist. HOWEVER! He's really only confirming Dark's observation that many Christians are idiots. I bet he'll call those Christians as "atheists" also, in his claßic spoilt-brat-style fundamentalist Christian indignation.


When I watched this video, there was one "thumbs down". I'd love to hear from that person what he/she objected to. Do you think that this is not biblical justice? If so, you need to read your bible. It's amazing how ignorant "believers" are of their own religion and the book that their god supposedly wrote to guide them through life. In talking to many of them and quoting bible verses, they think I'm making them up. It's really quite amazing how ignorant many (most?) are.

Ryan Swanson

There's no way that the lawyer's face isn't based on Jimmy Carr.

Aintquite Wright

A few Biblical points:
1. Rapist must marry victim, but yeah he is forgiven.
2. Yelling out "Oh God" during sex is taking the lords name in vain. Burn 'em.

Nesren Zache



dat animation >_>


I usually watch DM's videos, but I somehow missed this one. So thanks for the upload