Christian Threatens Atheist With Lawsuit Over Video


Quick References
[1] The Atheist Rationale/Philosophically Godless (2019) “Praise Be to Jim Carrey and the Sacred Secretion: Atheist Rationale Takeover”,
Accessed 17th January 2019;



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Today’s video is a sour one. Whilst critiquing a Christian YouTuber called John who happened to be the founder for a charity in Tanzania, The Atheist Rationale found several pieces of evidence that seemed to suggest that what was being presented as a secular charity may push religious undertones onto its users. In response to the mere suggestion that this could be a possibility, John has resorted to posting multiple abusive comments which include the usual threats of legal action unless the video is removed. Whilst it’s sad that a charity got caught in the middle of this, John’s actions… Read more »


Gotta fight them around the world.


Again? Glad it’s not me this time!

Jim Scobie

Listening to that guy talk and the way he acts, it seems like he is on something. Bizarre character.

John St Julien Baba Wanyama

I am grateful for the comic being pointed out, it will be removed from our store. A donor made it, but admittedly we did not see it from the perspective you shared. However, to say no accusation was made, is silly given he says "the fact" several times… Indeed i came out beating my chest. I put that down to being in ill health and under immense personal stress with the fatal state of illness my son is in, and so does my board. It was wrong of me however, but legally emotional reactions bare no standing on the law… Read more »

Immortal Sirens

I hate bullies its like the last resort ppl take lols athiest religious or skin color or iq lols or status lols its like if u cant convince them legaly take the law into ur own hands eg religion and parents ideaology they own thier kids born or adopted even i f the kids legaly an adult now say at 60 and thier parent still threaten them with ownership lols eg slavery lols y would u want to go to heaven and hell if u r opressed being human lols thats just a bad gorila bullying mentality mentality in a… Read more »


I would tell both of them to call his bluff. Its fair usage John has to deal with it.

Markus Nävergård

sacred secretion? is it to crass to make a joke about the catholic church?

Necko Agic

Sacred secretion??? Sperm??

Jeeves Anthrozaur

…The sacred secretion is blowing your load, isn't it?

Brad Hansen

My first wish is that John would buy an inexpensive tripod. Or just prop his phone on a shelf. That handheld video swinging around his living room was starting to give me motion sickness.

Arthur Pndrake

7:38 hay! antscanada in the suggested feed

Dudist Priest

How did this Secretion guy manage to sound crazier than even most staunch urine therapy advocates?