Christopher Hitchens on Abortion, Campaign Finance, Christianity, Libertarianism… – VIDEO


Hitchens stated that “[an]unborn child seems to me to be a real concept. It’s not a growth or an appendix. You can’t say the rights question doesn’t come up…

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  1. Hitchens: “I’ve heard some things about him… girlfriends, and so forth.”
    You have no idea how bad it’s about to get, Christopher.

  2. I take surveys for a living, and this is absolutely correct. Political
    polls are meant to shift opinion, not observe and analyze opinion. The
    questions that we ask, from message testing to basic general election
    polls, as harmless as they’re always passed or sold, are indefinitely meant
    to push the call respondent to ignore their thoughts and opinions and
    choose only what’s on the menu.

  3. How will the costs and emotional pain created by criminalizing abortion be
    handled? The anti-abortion advocates are usually those who despise taxes of
    any kind. Would a drastic increase in taxes be acceptable if it means
    dealing with the newly created crime of abortion as envisioned by these
    moral apostles? – We need more than ideological ideas lacking practical
    logic. Let’s suggest things that might actually work, not present a wish
    list created by unscientific and uneducated ideologues.

  4. All abortion opponents want Row v Wade overturned, but nobody has any
    “endgame” in mind. If terminating a pregnancy becomes a felony, what should
    the punishment be and how would this punishment be administered? Making
    abortion a crime won’t stop the practice, but will lead to the “back alley,
    coat hanger” ways of handling the situation. The dark days of shame and
    sacrifice for “women in trouble” will be back. Perhaps more unwanted
    children will be shuffled through public care. 

  5. John Fund is so dishonest it’s not even funny, he criticizes Perot, but
    then towards the end says that any citizen with “sense” is probably

  6. Fund (speaking about Bill Clinton): “I don’t think I have ever seen a
    presidential candidate with such awesome skills at pressing the flesh and
    convincing people to vote for him.” Hitchens: “You might want to
    recondisider ‘pressing the flesh.’ “

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