Classic: Christopher Hitchens on Scam Preacher Jerry Falwell’s death… – VIDEO


Christopher Hitchens on the Anderson Cooper 360 show talking about Reverend Jerry Falwell and his death of the previous day. Recorded on 15-May-2007. More in…



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I come back to this video about once every 6 months…

I love it so much.

Cracks me up every time I watch it. Hitch at his prime.


Christopher Hitchens was literally the smartest man of his times. I implore
all of you to watch his videos with a mature, open mind & you will see how
brilliant he was. He is truly missed by mankind.

Mark Twain

Now I’m just waiting on Pat Robertson.

Lady Cheyne

There is no crevice deep enough on Earth to bury the stench of that piece
of shit named Jerry Falwell

kay jay

There is no hell. But if there was one, Jerry Fallwell would be right in
the heart of the fire. The hate and bigotry he promoted, especially during
the AIDS hysteria of the early 1980’s should never be forgotten. He was a
despicable human being.

Not to bank on stereotypes…but from his affect, I believe he was probably
a repressed homosexual.


Hitchens believes in hell now..

Mark Boston

The western world lost one of our Greatest Thinkers when Hitch passed …
Intellectuals everywhere feel his absence . The religious charlatans feared
his honesty and ability to expose them for the toads they really are


Important is not to judge God by the acts of one man. And important is to consider that Religions is one thing and God is another. Religions are a matter og wars and politics. Having said that, actually, deep in heart and mind, even the more atheist of atheists wish desperately an evidence of the existence of GOD which unconsciously is his (her) most inner wish, so not to be let down by exposing one own feelings. And, by the way, close to die, CHRISTofer whispered last words were: “GOD, please forgive me! Now i can see through the veil… Read more »

Randy Pacchioli

Chris should have been ashamed of himself.


We can all take a sigh of relief that he never got a large group of
followers to follow him to Guyana…

Stevland Charles

One e-mail commenter said something to the effect of – Don’t speak
disparagingly of Falwell because ‘His faith was great, even if his social
views were misguided’ –

Wow….that says it all about how foolish people are regarding their views
of ‘faith’ as a virtue. She was basically saying….never mind his views on
how we should treat one another in society…..he was a great believer in
God…..and that’s what counts most.


Jerry Falwell was nothing but a bigot who lived the good life in the name
of christianity. He was nothing but an arrogant self righteous neanderthal
who had no compassion. Yet he preached about Jesus, what a total
hypocrite. The world is better off without people like him. 


“… if he read the bible at all, and I would doubt that he could read any
long book …” – brilliant.

Niels Pemberton

Jerry Falwell is dead. Good riddance !!

mike y

thank god fallwell is dead but i miss Hitchens!!!!!!


Joining a religion is like starting a smoking habit. It’s NOT very likely
to happen in this, the information age. Religion is a disease, and
education is the cure. There are more educated people than ever, and the
future has no place for religious apologists. It’s very difficult to sell
bull shit as chocolate mousse these days. The taste is not convincing, but
by all means, eat up! More for YOU!

Michael Wade

I grew up in a religious house hold and as I became older and weighted the evidence was freed from any delusion that there is a god. so yes, I am an atheist. I want to say however, because of my upbringing have some knowledge of the bible and it seemed to me that Jesus was very “anti rich” and very “anti materialism” and you have these disgusting evangelical Christians like Jerry Falwell who travel around in private jets, wear 2 thousand dollar suits and live quite well. So I agree with Christopher Hitchens I’m sure that religion was a… Read more »

Michael Perry

Falwell was the loudest, most obnoxious closet homosexual in my lifetime. The decibels of his rantings equaled the degree of over-compensating and self-loathing for his own latent homosexual tendencies. I’m convinced because he begrudgingly denied himself the knowledge of the love that dares not speak its own name, no one should. He was satisfied with himself for being able to pass undetected and get revered for that pseudo-righteousness it brought. There was nothing special or exceptional about this man. He was no better than those he exploited by painting them in such disgusting and demeaning terms – but in reality… Read more »


“In the bible there’s a story.” WHO GIVES A FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING FUCK!?
Read your fiction novel you fat fucking moron, no one gives a shit. In
the lord of the rings there is this story too, no joke!

John Algarme

I don’t know if Falwell fell well: I just know that he fell !

John Lindsey

“pinching his chubby little flanks” Bingo Christopher.

Alexander Dumais

Anderson Cooper is by far America’s greatest journalist. He is the only
anchor I have seen in recent years who actually lets their guests speak
even if he doesn’t agree with them. Thanks you Mr. Cooper for letting the
people of this world think for themselves instead of spoon feeding them.

John Francisco

Ellen Degeneres doesn’t disparage people the way that toad did. 

Adam Langfelder

Hitchens did everything except piss in Falwell’s open mouth


Life is much less interesting without Hitchens. He’s irreplaceable.


I love this video. Getting rid of that stupid charlatan, Fallwell, was one of the best things that ever happened to America. Nobody had the courage and honesty to say what many Americans felt when Falwell died but Hitchens. He wasn’t a good man. We all die. It doesn’t really matter. But he taught others to hate the way he did and he took refuge and found moral justification in his little Bible. Just like any good ole slave master would have. Bravo Hitchens. I miss u. To the idiots that followed Fallwell and actually thought he was a good… Read more »

LilSweet Peaches

Jerry-rest in the dirt you d*ck.


How dare CNN have Hitchens on who calls a man who called others bad names
for a toad. Anderson should be ashamed. lol 


There is no God.


I used to buy into all that Conservative Christian bs, when I was young, &
would genuinely get scared when I’d watch Christopher Hitchens. Now that
I’m grown up & have become educated, it’s so obvious to any logical person
Hitchens is right in pretty much everything he says. We miss the Hitch!


If there is Hell, I’m sure Falwell is there. Unfortunately, even with the
ultimate goal of living in a world with justice, I can;t bring to myself to
believe in Hell. So, there was no Hell for Falwell, a hateful , self
righteous evil man. I did not respect him while he was alive and I’m
certainly not going to start now. I’m sorry Hitchens name comes up next to
that sorry excuse for a human being. 


If god exists, then he must not be all powerfull! An all powerfull god can not get his plan screwed by a serpent and a woman! If, however his plan was for man to sin and doom himself and all of his descendants to death and hell, then god is evil! You can only have it one of two ways, not both. Either god is impotent (thus not your god as defined by the bible.) or your god is an evil monster! If you believe that god is weak and impotent, then he does not exist! If you believe that… Read more »

Chris Griffin

I like Christopher Hitches… he is very correct and today the proof is

Donovan Moore

The bible is very clear that gluttons, ie fat people don’t get into heaven.
Falwell screwed up. I’m so sad.

Jacob Carter

I don’t believe in hell, but I can make an exception for Mr. Falwell. 

David Straub

If you look up the word parasite in Webster’s, you will see a picture of Jerry Falwell. Long before I ever heard of Christopher Hitchens, I was well aware of this vermin known as Falwell. He is one of many like himself that exploited the ignorant masses. I watched these kinds of people who for decades have preyed upon the weak, never totally seeing the damage that they have perpetrated until now Yes – he was a nasty little f…ing toad of a man, and a whole lot more.. Falwell better hope that there isn’t a god (he lived his… Read more »

killer virus

The atheist Christopher Hitchens is far more honest and upright than the so
called Christian Jerry Falwell who didn’t have a sincere bone in his body.

Jesus may well say to Falwell: “Away from me, I never knew you, see John

Richard Whytsell

do u thing if christ came back he would live in luxury and drive expensive
cars. Christ was the son of god and the champion of the poor. think about
it. that is why mr. jerry was and always will be a blemish on gods church


If you truly believed that the afterlife is better than here why would you
ask for 15 more years w/ an option to renew? I’ll tell you why…

Because you were one crooked S.O.B. that stole his living from the weak &
scared with lies neatly packaged as revelation & promises. You were
desperately trying to continue propagating these fucking lies through a
“University” so your family doesn’t have to live like the poor that you so
vehemently despised all the while you shat all over the freedoms that made
it possible for you to live out your fraudulent & prejudice lifestyle!
Farewell Falwell, You Fucking Cunt!

Renato Rodriguez

Fallwell was scum…!!


The Reverend Fartwell

Nick Evans Avlonitis

what i would give to bring this man back!

Chris Griffin

Good job the evil Zionist.
God is great.

My hero.