How brazenly obnoxious is the GOP/Citizens United clan about last week’s election? – VIDEO


Citizens United Chair: GOP Midterm Victory A Gift From The Supreme Court (VIDEO)

Following Tuesday’s election results handing control of the Senate along with the House to the GOP, Republicans have been touting a repudiation of liberal policies and victory for conservative identity. But the aptly named David Bossie, President of Citizens United, sees it for what it really was, a triumph of the power of money.

At a press conference Wednesday, Bossie crowed about the win.

“Citizens United, our Supreme Court case, leveled the playing field and we’re very proud of the impact that had in last night’s election.” 

Citizen’s United is the right-wing advocacy group whose name has become synonymous with the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision barring any control of political spending from special interests. In the short time since the Court’s ruling, much of the effort to stem the tide of special interest funding of our electoral process has been unraveled, leading to a flood of dark money that Bossie clearly credits for Tuesday’s victory.

Bossie went on, railing against efforts to overturn the decision through a Constitutional Amendment, labeling such action as an assault on the First Amendment. No one, however, can accept that argument without first embracing two pillars that support it: 1) that artificial entities like corporations are people (I’ll believe that when I see one die for its country), and 2) that giving money to a politician is a form of speech. If that were so, then how could bribery be illegal?

In the most Orwellian fashion, Bossie spoke of “leveling the playing field”, as if the voices of the billionaires and corporations funneling cash to GOP candidates’ aid were somehow at a disadvantage, a playing field the general public has long seen as grotesquely leaning toward the big money already. A CNN poll way back in 2011, before the Citizen’s United decision had a chance to reshape the landscape, showed;

“86 percent of the public thinks elected officials in the nation’s capital are mostly influenced by the pressure they receive from campaign contributors.” 

If the playing field gets any more level, regular people won’t be able to stand on it without Alpine climbing gear.

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