Classic Bill Maher rant about people who call atheism a religion… VIDEO




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Eduardo Gonzalez

Too fucking funny lol 


ITS OFFICIAL – ATHEISM IS A FAITH BASED RELIGION ! ATHEISM IS A RELIGION according to a 2005 Wisconsin Federal Court ruling on the matter of Kaufman v. McCaughtry, as well as the Torcaso v. Watkins case that was affirmed by the 1961 U.S. Supreme Court–the highest court in the land–where court rulings become national law. The Supreme Court has said , “A RELIGION NEED NOT BE BASED ON THE BELIEF IN A SUPREME BEING.” The court described “SECULAR HUMANISM AS A RELIGION.”. Meanwhile, a London based ATHEIST church (yes, you heard me right, ATHEIST CHURCH ), known as the… Read more »

Pavlos Sotiriadis

If Atheist do not believe in things that are not demostrated by evidence, they should not believe that there is no God because they do not have EVIDENCE!!!! SIMPLE. Say ” we do not know” its not a shame. What about God ??? What they believe????? and remember I did not say that God exist because we cannot prove that does not exist. I said that everything you believe without evidence is a kind of RELIGION (Religion called Human’s organised efforts to approch the unknown and answer to the question about the existance and origin of human with faith and… Read more »


By technicality it’s a philosophy not a religion, Also religion is rather
bad description of any thing because of its debatable meaning


Bill Maher and his 15 year old fan boys(masturbating fools) are deluded.
I’m not even a Christian and atheism is a fucking religion.


I love Bill Maher’s points. But I hate how he waits for the audience to
laugh at his jokes. 


God is the missing piece to the logical puzzle, not a needless proposal
which requires extraordinary evidence. Even if no such evidence was
forthcoming in any extraordinary providential form, God would still be the
best explanation of the facts, and atheism would still be consigned to
hopelessly illogical alternatives- which is why new atheists invariably
hide behind the veil of agnosticism.

Johanon Zimmerman

Atheists have faith. They have faith that there is no god. Since there is
more than one atheist in the world, they qualify as a religion according to
Webster: A religion is a group of people that all share a common belief.
They all believe the same tenet so I guess you could call them believers.
Their leader would have to be the Anti-God. His name is Lucifer. So
atheists need to quit whining about a judgmental God who is going to throw
them in hell just because they don’t believe in Him. You follow Anti-God in
this life, you’ll follow him in the next.

Percival Fallas

well, there are some dogmatic atheists, the second atheists pushed science
to step on the field of philosophy it becomes a dogma.


someone could religiously follow the McDonald’s employee training manual. That’s another problem with pseudo-intellectuals, “progressives,” they are so damn robotic and fake. Totally left-brained prisoners. Things like social context are totally lost on them, it’s pointless to explain to these robots how a word can have more than 1 meaning. If that definition isn’t in the official webster’s dictionary, it gets no notice regardless how much it sticks in social context… So I guess they don’t believe in slang words then either. These folks are like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. Ironically, I’m the asperger’s one here pointing this out.… Read more »

Michael Sayad

Yeah, athiesm was not a religion back then. But lately, atheists are so
obsessed with disproving God. Its literally become an obsession. I know
the reason why religious people try to prove the existence of their God, in
order to convert people to their religion and bring them to what they
believe is the truth and save their souls, but why do atheists need this
too. They act like a religion and try to get converts constently. And btw
they do worship a god, nature, nature is there god. 

Constantine TheTrickster

If Atheism is a Religion then wouldn’t the whole world be Atheist? I mean
you don’t believe in Zeus, Odin, Horus and Ammun-Ra do you? I don’t believe
there is no god, I know there isn’t. The Bible, Koran and other religious
books are so self-contradictory that they cannot possibly be true. Faith
is another word for gullibility,


Ah! That was brilliant!

Brad M

Actually Bill, Any set of beliefs is a religion.

Mark Vick



Maher is a moron. Atheism IS a religion.

Google “Courts rule atheism a religion”

brad w

what disrespectful a-hole


Now a days everything ‘has to be’ considered a religion..
Atheists like myself cant really have freedom of speech any more towards
some religious people.
Not long ago, 2 innocent British girls have acid thrown in their by muslims
face while visiting another country, just because they don’t have the same
beliefs as them. Sound fair?

Meister Tic Tac

How can you not love this guy! >_< An absolutely amazing guy.


That is a very narrow definition of religion. Religion is more broadly defined as a system of belief dictating ones personal priorities, morals and standards. By this definition, theists and atheists differ little in that they both look primarily to themselves and their culture to define their system of belief. Religious or not, most people live the way they feel like living regardless of the tenets of their preferred religion. The only real difference – and it is superficial – is that most theists claim to worship a superior being of some sort while atheists unabashedly worship themselves. So atheism… Read more »


Maher’s definition of religion isn’t complete.

Defined by wiki. “Religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural
systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence.”

By Websters. ” a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor
and faith”

Also by Websters: “an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very
important to a person or group”


Atheism is a religion in the same way that unemployment is a job. 

John A

I think Bill Maher fails to realize he talks about this shit religiously. 

Josaphat Pineda

Bill Maher Just Makes Me Laugh.