CLERGY Abuse: NOT Just a Catholic Problem. A Christianity Problem.


The REAL truth about a hard subject.



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Nick Grauel

This is serious business bro I feel you. Favor my friend

karin teves


Caroline's Garden

Attended 4 protestant churches during my journey of life, Baptist, cChurch of God, 2 Assemblies of God – first 2 respectively removed pastor for secretary shinanigings, the later-child pornography trafficking, and child abuse by an elder which settled in court of a life time of monthly checks…NONE of which were public. So, wake up oeople.

Nick Grauel

Hey Jeff this may be nothing may be something. That Crest of the little rock arkansas diocese, why is there inverted crosses all over it?

Rada Malkovic

Just saw you on MATT BELAIR, first time I heard of you and must say I loved the podcast. I respect Matt a great deal and love his soul so I know his guest meet the same standards….new sub,,,now to catch up on all your videos. …love and light

Guy Deland

thx for bur balls

Guy Deland

go man luv ur shit do not stop

Nigel Worsley

Brings a completely new viewpoint to the phrase 'cardinal sin'.


ty for this big brother very important

Nisha StarChild

So happy that you're covering this Jeff! Due to the subject at hand and having personal experience with this kind of abuse as a child and woman… I find this subject to be triggering. However the Warrior spirit remains I become enraged when I hear of all of our so called spiritual leaders who are supposed to protect the innocent are actually the devils who are violating them or us. We live in a wicked wicked world! I'm still trying to make sense of it all in terms of seeking and keeping myself in the light, not afraid of the… Read more »

A Sheep No More

Thank you brave Jeffrey. You read my comment on your live cast today about the priest from Snohomish, WA where the attorney for the archdiocese admitted he was a pedophile, they knew it and transferred from from another church then onto Seattle. I got him DEFROCKED but know they paid for his rent and food etc so he's probably able to hurt kids again. His name is Dennis Champagne (Seattle) if anyone is interested in this creep's info. LOVE YOU SO MUCH For exposing this. Julie Telgenhoff AKA: A Sheep No More

Hillard Ward

Woohoo fire for effect there Jeff lol people if it pisses u off u need to take a closer look at the subject u got upset with u may learn a truth


You are on spot!!

Amanda Reno

I bet they will just blame the devil . phycopath always blames anything that they do wrong to people. It is all about power and control

Maya Rose

thanks for spreading this sad truth…let it be seen <3

Maria Bekos

I think about the kids all the time this world is so dangerous

Thomas Dowd

Great love fact you spoke truth needed be said.

Francis Smith

I am terribly sorry my comment during the live-stream caused you to lose focus. I will refrain from commenting during all future live streams. I grew Catholic as an Alter boy int the 1980's working with a Priest who was shuffled around. To me this is not news and I joke when anything hits too close to home. This is a character flaw I will continue to work on. I do have a thick skin but do not like to upset those I respect. This is why I have never corrected you when you referred to me as a woman.… Read more »

barry chadd

I'm papa of 4 also and this is the battle. We must win.

Wesley Cameron

Go get them Jeff!! Put those brainwashed fools in their place. It’s refeshing to hear some talk truth even if it might hurt them. As of today I’m still fighting the fear and guilt bullshit. I was brought up thinking I’m going to hell just for being human. It makes me sick and incredibly sad. Much love and respect brother.


Sick repulsive heart wrenching …..our babies!!! These heartless, soul less, bottom crawlers, are human? Can that be possible? Those poor young people, of any faith that think they are offering themselves for good …. ….. I. I. I. Hard truths … Jeff…