Colbert: Doin’ It Donkey Style: Which Democrats Are Running?


Stephen sizes up the Democratic presidential field for 2020, which has begun to take shape with announcements from Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard, and Julián Castro.

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I see that Tulsi changed since 2004 but I also see that she doesn't stand a chance to win because of what she said. It's not mean to dismiss her, maybe not even right, but it's realistic.


Tulsi made those statements before she was in Congress. Hillary was also anti-gay. I know you like Gillebrand a lot, but Apples to Apples, Stephen.

M Smith

You need to stand you got a lot of fans , America needs people like you .

Mateo Leon

Now is about choosing the least worst candidate.

J.A.C Luland

How much did your overlords pay you to smear Tulsi.

Tucker Bowen

the name of the show is RIGHT THERE on the FRONT of his freaking DESK! do you people just not know how to READ?

scott Lyon

Tulsi now has a 100 present raiting with the human rights council. Which is a group for lgbt rights. She has apologized multiple times for her words. She grew up in a bigoted household. Her father was very homophobic. People have the right to change and alter their positions.

Most Subbed Egg Channel

Can this egg get more subs than other eggs? Nah bruv


Aw Shucky Ducky

blueberries rasberries

Trump's heart is evil and so his deeds are also evil n corrupted. His supporters have evil hearts too.

jonathan lavezzi

After she pushed senator Al Franken out she basically guaranteed half the Democratic base would want nothing to do with her

The Other Side

Trump is truly an internet troll.


I dislike Trump as much as the next guy but that same joke/observation would have been said by the left if Trump said it. It was objectively funny. And yes, I can't believe I just defended that oversized baby either. But fair is fair.


Hey writers of The Late Show, we don't need you shilling for the neolibs! I'm very gay and very much okay with Tulsi Gabbard's stance. We are watching our political candidates very closely and our news and entertainment outlets as well. You've been warned.

Free Speech

I am dumbfounded that anyone would would be surprised by anything tRump does or says… Can't expect a SNAKE to act like a Dove. He didn't pay the contractors who worked for him years passed so you know he doesn't care about the Federal workers.