Coming Out as Atheist with Cara Santa Maria… – VIDEO


Science communicator Cara Santa Maria sits down with Dave Rubin to discuss the big ideas surrounding atheism and what it’s like to “come out” as an atheist to a religious family. This is part of the interview between Dave and Cara.

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Cara Santa Maria
Science Communicator, Host of the ‘Talk Nerdy’ podcast
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Fay S

Is this channel going to be about atheism?


honestly a very boring conversation. yes atheism is the rational position. yes christians are retarded children. it´s all so 2010. why not talk about present issues like islam, refugee crisis, syria, isis, africa, russia, etc

would really have liked to hear csm opinion on those topics, not 30min of why/when/how atheism…

Chris Cunningham

I myself get tired of having to explain the difference between agnostic and theist/atheist… one is what you're claiming as far as knowledge goes, the other is whether you believe in a god or not…

Saying you don't know if something exists, is not the same as saying if you believe in that something or not.

Rational-Informed- American

Wow she is so beautiful. And smart, which makes her super hot.

Roger Scrimshaw

Wow, that is a shining star right there.


This is probably more of a problem unique to America. My dad, a pretty devout christian, wasn't angry that I don't believe in God, more worried that I would perish in the eternal fire :/


Man, Cara runs absolute circles around Ana. Cenk really needs to do something.

Ander Smith

Both of you need to be crushed to death by a garbage compactor for making this pointless video. It's like everything on the internet about atheism was erased and you had to start from scratch. There's already lifetime's worth of videos covering this basic shit.

Jimena Beloso

Great show! More Cara!

Ander Smith

Your interview with Sam Harris was perfect, but wtf is this? I thought you were going to talk to people who have something to say. Talking to this vapid moron is a waste of time.


She reminds me of Cosima from Orphan Black

Grumpy Koala

Lousy definition of "agnostic" the "a" does mean not, but the gnostic refers to a system of belief that contains "hidden knowledge" known only to the initiated. So an agnostic is one that does not believe in "hidden knowledge" and so can be a theist or an atheist. But it is not a half way house between theist and atheist, but a step to the side. All atheists are agnostic, but theists are divided depending on how their theism is structured.

william st john

I like her on TYT she really adds her personality to that show BUT she really pisses me off by going along with absolute BS. Like the solar roadways and plastic form the air programs. Which have been mathematically calculated and scientifically proven to not be viable or work, yet she will keep reporting on them as if they do.

Don't get me wrong, the projects look amazing but their not going to work, I feel she's just reporting on people's optimism.

Teela Louise

I feel Atheism is a way bigger deal in the US than UK. In my school it was weird to be religious, at least to me it was. Maybe I was just brought up hella atheist

Dan D

Yea, Cara… could you please tell Ana and Cenk this? They call themselves Agnostics, and in the same breath Ana screamed emotionally recently about Atheists [she said that Atheists got together, talked about which religion is the worst, and picked Islam].

They don't understand Atheist vs. Theist, or Agnostic vs. Gnostic.

Ana lost all of my respect in that emotional rant.

Your podcast RAWKS, Cara. Keep it up!

Steve Peters

I'm always nervous about watching athiest content because many of them (us?) often seem elitist and demeaning to people of faith. I'm glad this one doesn't give off that sense of arrogance and assholishness. Yeah, that whole "not going to heaven" thing is why I haven't thus far told my folks I'm no longer a believer. Lot's of people like to assume that the issue is people not being accepted by their parents after they "come out", as it were. Really, I just don't want them worrying. It wouldn't be as bad if they were more modern christians who didn't… Read more »

Nite Owl

Maybe Cara could talk about the Epi Genetics of Homosexuality and how it show Homosexuality to be a congenital disorder

Lee Toro

I don't know about Al Jazeera America. But Al Jazeera Arabic is Muslim Brotherhood propaganda.


I think Cara still has a lot of confidence and identity issues. She's got tats and face and body jewelry. Her skin is super flushed around the neck and chest with anticipation and anxiousness. Yet she's wearing FM pumps.

A very odd combo.

Vega Corp.

I am not agnostic about the Easter Bunny. I don't sit around and think to myself…"Hmmm, I don't know. Maybe the Easter Bunny exists." I am atheist about the Easter Bunny. "Agnostic" is just plain stupid. You either have evidence, or you don't.


an atheist is what every religious people would like to be, but the fear is to strong because if there wrong the idea of the pain they made up in there heads is to strong. literally the fear is killing them


It wasn't bold to stand up to your father. I had an entire church and family against me and they couldn't break my atheist spirit. I knew from around age 5 that they were diluted morons.

. Dan

This channel is full of islamophobes


No need to go so basic with the questions Dave. Don't underestimate the intelligence of your audience. I don't know of even any theists that claim atheists can not be moral though they may argue whether atheists can objectively justify their morality.
Cara is an interesting second guest and not one I am sure I agree with or not. The things that concern me are some uncritical scientific reporting she did that I found concerning.


She's talking about ethics and empathy so I wonder if she's vegan? Does anybody know that?

Bec Munro

Cara is my science-girl, too! I love her <3

Drake Minaj

The part about not knowing was a bit interesting to me. When i'm asked about god i'll typically say "there is no god" but i don't mean it in a sense that i know for certain. Simply that, because there's no evidence for god, i hold him in the same regard as fairies or werewolves which there is an equal amount of evidence for. It's not that I know, just that, as with every other claim with no evidence to back it up, it is not real


leftist media is just as bad as rights media