“Contradictions of Atheism”


A former atheist describes contradictions of atheism. I think it’s funny how the tag box suggested “Atheism (religion)” as a tag.

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  • I Like Evidence February 15, 2015 at 9:35 pm

    How about just one fact, since refuting your long string of straw men is
    not worth my time: the Founding Fathers did not put “under God” in the
    Pledge of Allegiance; that was added in the 1950s. In fact, there was no
    Pledge of Allegiance when the US was founded.

  • Cosmic Mastermind February 15, 2015 at 9:51 pm

    When I first starting watching Theist versus Atheist type videos on YouTube
    it was quite entertaining and sometimes downright comical to listen to the
    self-defeating arguments of Christian apologists. But I got over the
    novelty, and now I would be quite delighted to find a video where a
    Christian or even a Deist put forward a *good* argument for their belief.
    This is yet another video for the sin-bin.

  • j Hughes February 15, 2015 at 9:58 pm

    1. Well, I mean, we know how the universe began It was a small hot piece of
    matter/energy that expanded outward to form space and time. That isn’t
    knowledge that’s exclusive to atheists. Anyone can read about the Big Bang.

    2. That one didn’t make any sense.

    3. Just because you don’t believe in a god doesn’t mean you don’t think
    there’s a purpose to life. Many atheists invent their own purpose or
    ascribe to a philosophy which defines a purpose.

    4. Evolution does not “teach that the purpose of life is reproduction.”
    Evolution is not a philosophy. It’s a biological phenomenon. Evolution is
    simply change in living things over time. Saying “Evolution teaches us that
    the purpose of life is reproduction” is like saying “Gravity teaches us
    that we must stay on the ground!” Moronic. Also, there are plenty of
    homophobic atheists.

    5. ….what? Babies are fully formed self-sufficient life forms. Embryos
    can’t live outside the womb and aren’t self-aware. Also, I’m an atheist and
    I have no problem with cutting down trees for paper. Nothing about atheism
    says that you need to preserve trees.

    6. Another one that really doesn’t make any sense. Who is insisting that
    there is definitely a multiverse? Isn’t that just theoretical at this point?

    7. You really don’t understand how evolution works. Like, at all. Anything
    that helps a species survive is beneficial. Altruism/empathy certainly help
    us to preserve each other’s lives so we can continue to reproduce. This is
    kind of a nonsensical point anyway. Evolution isn’t concerned with good or
    bad values. It’s a totally neutral phenomenon.

    8. WAT

    9. What is “nothing?” Have you ever observed “nothing?” How do you know the
    universe couldn’t have come from “nothing” when we have never observed
    “nothing?” Furthermore, who is saying that the universe necessarily came
    from nothing? What if it has simply always existed?

    10. waaaaat….

    11. Whoa. Who is arguing that the US is an “Atheist Nation?” Also, the
    Pledge of Allegiance wasn’t written by the Founding Fathers. It was written
    by Francis Belamy in 1892, and it did not contain the phrase “Under God”.
    “Under God was added in 1948 during McCarthyism when everyone was witch
    hunting for godless communists.

    12. I have absolutely no problem whatsoever being the evolutionary result
    of pond scum evolved from a fish…whatever that means. I don’t need to
    make up fairy tales to make myself feel better about it.

  • Freddy Scissorhands February 15, 2015 at 10:20 pm

    Troll or just very stupid?
    It’s sometimes hard to tell…

  • Lefty Wright February 15, 2015 at 10:40 pm

    and its not that we know exactly how the universe began but you shouldnt
    say “I don’t know, therefore god”

  • Lefty Wright February 15, 2015 at 10:42 pm

    You are a dumb-ass… it wasn’t the founding fathers who put “under god” in
    the pledge
    it was Eisenhower

    And believe it or not, evolution has massive shitloads of evidence

  • TheInterlang February 15, 2015 at 10:44 pm

    #atheistlogic is an oxymoron.

  • Tovec8 February 15, 2015 at 11:11 pm

    “No one knows how the universe began, except for us.”
    Well, no, no one knows how the universe began. Period. This includes both
    atheists and theists. With that said, there is no evidence for any mythical
    accounts, including the Christian description. In fact, it is only the
    theists who claim to know (who would claim to say “except for us”).

    “You know, being an atheist doesn’t mean you’re a bad person so why do you
    have standards on what we do?”
    What? What are you saying and why is it a illogical statement?

    “Why does life even need a purpose?”
    Well? Why is this illogical? Why does life need a purpose?

    “Evolution teaches us that the purpose of life is reproduction, but we must
    accept homos.”
    First, evolution doesn’t teach us the purpose of life.
    Second, evolution is a descriptive process not a prescriptive one.
    Third, the reason we say we should accept homosexuals (atheist would rarely
    call them “homos”) is because they are humans and part of our species and
    worth respect.
    Fourth, what do evolutionary imperatives have to do with atheism?
    Fifth, what is the problem with atheists respecting homosexuals? I mean
    other than theists thinking they are not worthy of respect as other human
    beings are.

    “It’s bad to cut down trees to make paper, but babies that’s okay they’re
    not even human yet.”
    One, it is bad to cut down trees to make paper since we need trees to live
    on a daily basis (we don’t need babies on this schedule, so fewer babies
    doesn’t affect us the same as trees – false equivalence).
    Two, I assume you mean FETUSES not babies. Babies are post-birth and
    fetuses are pre-birth.
    Three, the reason why it is “okay” to (I assume) abort fetuses has nothing
    to do with them “not being human yet”. It has to do with reproductive
    rights of the people carrying the fetus.
    Four, how does this relate to atheism?

    “You know I heard something on National Geographic about how they had a
    theory called the multiple universe theory there’s no evidence to back it
    up, but we know it happened because it’s not God.”
    Wow. This is so stupid it is truly impressive.
    1. The reason we would even have a multiple universe theory is because the
    evidence supports it, not because we wish there to be – counter to how
    theistic claims work.
    2. Science absolutely doesn’t work on the principle of “we know it because
    it’s NOT God”.
    3. We actually don’t know it happened or is true. (So the “because not God”
    bit is extra stupid.)
    4. How does this relate to atheism?

    “You can totally explain altruism through evolution.”
    Yeah, pretty much. What’s the objection?

    “Millions and billions of years.”
    Could you be more specific? And perhaps explain what the problem is? And
    explain how this relates to atheism?

    “That’s a god of the gaps argument, everyone knows that nothing did it.”
    This is dumb. So dumb I don’t even have anything to say. No atheist would
    say this, because it is incompressible to anyone with intelligence or
    anyone who is actually an atheist. It is indeed not atheist logic or logic
    of any kind, it isn’t our argument.

    “Common design, common ancestor, because everyone knows Iphones and Ipods
    and Ipads are related to a common ancestor some millions and trillions of
    years ago.” (sic)
    A. “Millions and trillions of years ago”? I know of no arguments by any
    atheists that involve Trillions of years.
    B. Electronics don’t have “ancestors”. No atheist would think so.
    C. This argument is incompressible as well. What is even being said?

    “America is an atheist nation, it’s just that our founding fathers just
    wanted to put God in the pledge of allegiance.”
    No. I have to stop. You MUST be trolling at this point. It isn’t possible
    for someone to be so idiotic.
    Let me break down why this supposed “atheist” argument is stupid. So stupid
    I’m sure no atheist has actually ever said it.
    Alpha, America is not an atheist nation; it is a SECULAR nation.
    Beta, the Founding Fathers (consisting of two subsets, 1776 declaration of
    independence and 1787 constitution) did not work on the pledge of
    allegiance as they would have been approximately 120 years older (1892) at
    the time it was first written, and some 160 years older (1942) by the time
    it was adopted by Congress. (With “under God” added in the 50’s.)
    Gamma, the Founding Fathers were by in large Deistic, not Theistic. Just
    Delta, at least atheists know the founding fathers didn’t write about God
    in their works and in fact wanted separation of church and state (which I
    know is not in the constitution, but was intended view of how they should
    be connected – which is not at all).

    “Religion destroys dignity. Isn’t it dignifying to know you are just pond
    scum, evolved from a fish?”
    While I’m sure some atheists have used the “religion destroys dignity” part
    I personally haven’t. I’ve never really considered dignity in relation to
    However, dignifying to know or not, the most accurate understanding of our
    genealogy is that human beings are indeed an animal, and related to all the
    other animals, which evolved from fish, which are related to plants, and
    ultimately we all have a common biological source (though that source isn’t
    “pond scum”). I’m not sure how dignity enters into the equation when
    talking about truth.
    Also, how does our biological basis as fish and “pond scum” relate at all
    to atheism?

  • kevinthediltz February 15, 2015 at 11:29 pm

    I thought Christians were the ones who claim to know how the universe came
    from nothing?

    Can’t tell if trolling…. or just stupid…

  • Mack Man February 15, 2015 at 11:42 pm

    Gr8 b8, m8…

  • The Traveling Atheist February 15, 2015 at 11:48 pm

    This is some sort of a parody, right?

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