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I Like Evidence

How about just one fact, since refuting your long string of straw men is
not worth my time: the Founding Fathers did not put “under God” in the
Pledge of Allegiance; that was added in the 1950s. In fact, there was no
Pledge of Allegiance when the US was founded.

Cosmic Mastermind

When I first starting watching Theist versus Atheist type videos on YouTube
it was quite entertaining and sometimes downright comical to listen to the
self-defeating arguments of Christian apologists. But I got over the
novelty, and now I would be quite delighted to find a video where a
Christian or even a Deist put forward a *good* argument for their belief.
This is yet another video for the sin-bin.

j Hughes

1. Well, I mean, we know how the universe began It was a small hot piece of matter/energy that expanded outward to form space and time. That isn’t knowledge that’s exclusive to atheists. Anyone can read about the Big Bang. 2. That one didn’t make any sense. 3. Just because you don’t believe in a god doesn’t mean you don’t think there’s a purpose to life. Many atheists invent their own purpose or ascribe to a philosophy which defines a purpose. 4. Evolution does not “teach that the purpose of life is reproduction.” Evolution is not a philosophy. It’s a… Read more »

Freddy Scissorhands

Troll or just very stupid?
It’s sometimes hard to tell…

Lefty Wright

and its not that we know exactly how the universe began but you shouldnt
say “I don’t know, therefore god”

Lefty Wright

You are a dumb-ass… it wasn’t the founding fathers who put “under god” in
the pledge
it was Eisenhower

And believe it or not, evolution has massive shitloads of evidence


#atheistlogic is an oxymoron.


“No one knows how the universe began, except for us.” Well, no, no one knows how the universe began. Period. This includes both atheists and theists. With that said, there is no evidence for any mythical accounts, including the Christian description. In fact, it is only the theists who claim to know (who would claim to say “except for us”). “You know, being an atheist doesn’t mean you’re a bad person so why do you have standards on what we do?” What? What are you saying and why is it a illogical statement? “Why does life even need a purpose?”… Read more »


I thought Christians were the ones who claim to know how the universe came
from nothing?

Can’t tell if trolling…. or just stupid…

Mack Man

Gr8 b8, m8…

The Traveling Atheist

This is some sort of a parody, right?