“Convert Me To Atheism Challenge 2016” – VIDEO


Atheists, welcome back to my convert me into atheism challenge, where I’m asking the atheists to switch the burden of proof back on themselves to prove to me there is no God by asking them 10 apologetic questions. So far I have been challenged but not to the point of joining Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris in their club! In this video I’m using an argument crafted by Sye Ten and I want to know how you build your truth claims when most of you guys would be relativists and agree with non-causality. Out of all the retorts in the comments box I’m most excited about this one because I’m hoping to learn something!



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B Sto

Stupid question! Only retarded people ask it.


If you start all of your knowledge with God, what method does information exchange take place? If it is not one of your physical senses, how is it distinguishable from hallucination or self-deception?
My knowledge of the physical world starts with an assumption that has no foundation: I exist in a physical world.


0:48 "The bible says…"

Why should anyone care what the bible says? If it's because god wrote it, you need to show evidence that is in proportion to the claim. All I really need is on good piece of evidence, so give me your one best piece of evidence.

Robin Dude

"Could you be wrong about everything you claim to know?" No. I know I exist and am experiencing something. There is no possibility that this is not true, or I wouldn't be here to consider it not true. "Well, can I be wrong about everything I claim to know? No, because the bible says…" What if the bible is an illusory text that doesn't really exist? It's only a figment of your imagination, or the demented ramblings of an insane computer generated fantasy (brain in a vat). If so, then what the bible says is irrelevant, because it's a lie,… Read more »

RT @holesinthefoam: “Convert Me To #Atheism Challenge 2016” – VIDEO – https://t.co/8x7b1XUGyY https://t.co/FKnkonq6GI

The problem is is that one cannot “convert” to atheism. Atheism is just the realization that you have outgrown the need for that one final god. We are all atheists to the majority of gods, atheists just go one further.

Im a ‘born again’ atheist