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Why does this NOT surprise me?


Dumb people me so sad 🙁

but his smile looks so…..so…….SINCERE!

He owns that jet for Jesus.


Now, I’m not familiar with his ministry. However, the Bible does not teach that it’s wrong to have money. Rather it teaches that what we do with the money we have is the most important factor. With that said, there are plenty of false teachers out there fleecing people out of their money.

Have you seen the popes hoose?

What, do you think we’re giving the pope a pass or something? 😛

Oh, and there are some “non-false” teachers in the bunch? Really? As in… who specifically?

And who gives a flying fuck what the bible “teaches” about money? Should we listen to what it teaches about slavery and misogyny too? Or mixing fabrics? Or how to treat a woman during her period? What the fuck are you talking about? 😛

This is what being tax exempt buys you with non believers money……

Don’t post bullshit links on my page bible goober. If you can’t answer my questions on your own, don’t fucking bother. 😛

Unlike you, apparently, I read the bible. I know what it says and what it condones and condemns. I don’t need some idiotic website to explain to me what I read. What, do you? Do you have a reading comprehension problem?

blame him for being so well loved?

The information contained in those links was entirely accurate. You may have read the Bible, but unfortunately it is you who lacks reading comprehension because if you did truly comprehend what the Bible teaches you wouldn’t have posed those prior discussion points. You’re blinded by your ignorance and preconceptions.

The one who is blind here is you. First, you try to defend preachers who bilk the gullible. Then, you think you can rationalize the batshit in the bible with some lame-ass website. You say you read the bible yourself, but you couldn’t even formulate any kind of factual response on your own.

You’re a clueless, gullible idiot. 🙂

Just shut up, goober.