Could it already be too late, Brexit or no Brexit? Is the damage already done?


Brexit crisis: May meets UK Jeremy Corbyn

Car makers in Britain are blaming Brexit for a slowdown in business.
Production fell by nine percent in 2018 – with the Jaguar-Land Rover group taking a big hit.
Prime Minister Theresa May has met opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn in an attempt to find common ground on a deal for leaving the European Union.
Parliament has given her a two-week deadline to renegotiate a Brexit agreement with the EU.



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Tom Hulme

Corbyn a man who triggered article 50 but wont vote for the only 2 options article 50 allows.
He says he wants to leave yet wants to keep the uk in the customs union ? In the ecj? And keep the uk paying into the eu budget? Remaining in with soft brexit is not leaving.