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well and least he sounds good same he doesn’t make any sense

So many words… so little content.

Is “Luke” really a pseudorandom text generating algorithm with a marked lack of syntax checking?

I doubt his own cognitive ability, after reading what he wrote down.

Why are the probabilities of success 1 in over 100 trillion?

I love it when a creationist throws out (completely made up) probabilities and does nothing in the process except show how little he knows what he’s talking about.

He’s about as articulate, as the megalomaniac he prays to !

you can actually smell the stupid off this one !

Give a man a word or two that ‘sound fancy’, and he’ll spew on forever.

Luke is unsmart.



Luke, you’re a rambling idiot.

These always come across my news feed when I have not finished my coffee—ugh–that hurt.

Like many Luke believes evolution works by blind chance. Richard Dawkins once showed on an RI lecture a computer simulation of ‘monkeys randomly typing the works of Shakespeare’ which of course continued to produce randomness. Then he ran it as evolution functions and within several iterations it was producing English words.

Theists love to misunderstand this – and it does not help when talking about English words to spell THEOREM with a ”U” – the irony of that seems lost on them.

They like to make it seem unlikely without understanding the selection mechanism.

They are not that good at maths either.

He has been listening to the maths innumerates from the theist camp.

He is making noises, but not sense.

” Evolution is not a story of sudden leaps but a long slow incline. “Darwinism”, he tells us, “is not a theory of random chance. It is a theory of random mutation plus non-random cumulative natural selection”. ”


Err… sorry. 😛

“but thanks to this experiment and others like it we can now watch evolution in action.”


Yeah, but they’re still bacteria! Have any of them turned into dogs? Or croc-o-ducks?
Checkmate, atheists!

I think the ‘croc-o-duck’ was spotted by a backwoodsman/hunter on ‘mysteries and monsters’.
The man claimed it was a government conspiracy to create genetic crossbreeds….clearly showing that the species boundary can be traversed by science….


I think it means ‘next exit for those whose brains are getting looser’….

It could be a place for all the ‘loosers’ though….


All is irony…..

My head hurts