Are creationists really that dumb? – VIDEO


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God created Man through Evolution.
Unlike People, God doesnt have an Attention Span problem.
Evolution is a LAW just as Gravity is.
Simple, except for the simple minded.

Joey P

Praise the LORD! His existence is undeniable. I was reading through some of the comments and I have to admit that evolution was the catalyst for my doubting God. I can remember at a very young age realizing that what I was being taught in school, did not match up with what I had learned from church. As a kid, it is very hard to challenge an authority figure like a teacher; or better yet, popular consensus. The militant way evolution is taught may be the greatest evidence that there is an antichrist spirit behind this world. Even now, with… Read more »


Creationists are not necessarily dumb, just ignorant of the science; as
proven here by Kent (pick up that soap) Hovind.

Using Kent Hovind as a source for science is like using a butcher as your
medical doctor.


got to love kent hovind, btw been watching both your channels alot and just
wanted to say thanks again

Ike W

Is his really in jail for tax evasion


Amazing video! Thank you and God bless +jared haruyama .. 


The Big Bang is probably wrong anyway.
It doesnt take into account the Higher Dimensions that are Beyond Time as
we Know it.
And if God is anywhere, it is beyond Time as we understand it.

jared haruyama

God Bless Brothers and Sisters

White Rabbit

Great, of course now that I have replied to a shill in the comments below
on this video, my video about creation is getting a whole new siege of
attacks from shills. Coincidence? I think not, lol.

stewart mcdermott



Take that evolutionists 

Jamaal Williams

What video editing program do you use?


I love the comments here about Kent over-simplifying science. How does it

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”
Albert Einstein

So I guess Kent understands the science perfectly well. Of course, that
goes against what most evolutionists would have you believe: that only
those in the evolutionist club can possibly understand the unfathomably
“difficult” science.

Tori Ellise

Does anyone of you know the name of the man that was preaching about
He made me laugh and I love his scientific explanations. I would like to
learn more about him.

JesusWalkz WithUs

What’s that guys name? 


“Let no one therefore say, that there are precedaneous productive
principles of evil in Nature, or intellectual paradigms of evils, in the
same manner as there are of Goods’, or that there is a malefic soul, or an
evil-producing cause in the Gods’, nor let him introduce sedition and
eternal war against the first Good.”


God Bless Brothers and Sisters


Interesting stuff.

Friðrik Stefánsson

Excellent excellent video my brother thankyou these blind people still dont
realize most of science universal and evolutionary points are just theories
or missing links not proven not logical and cant be proven and will always
be missing and unproven,,,,,aman to that thanks for uploading new videos
brother god bless

Robert John
Douglas Paul Herson
Buddy Guy

Thank you, this man is a good uplifting teacher that can make you smile….
even if the message should make you weep.

wake newlife

Evolution has to be a fact because the thumbs down prove some never evolve.

Anthony Edwards

Over-simplifying science. Therefore creation. Good work. Yes. The scientific model doesn’t work perfectly and/or has holes in it. Therefore God. Yeah, that’s really really logical. Good work. C14 doesn’t begin decaying until an animal dies, and he uses this as an example? If you can correctly guess within a hundred years when an animal lived, does it matter that you can’t give the exact hour? That is your argument against radiometric carbon dating? And science is a religion? When has religion ever built a car, or a computer, or a watch? Yes, you claim the universe is a watch and… Read more »

Ziggy Duncan
Kitten Doodle


Puritan Pictures

NOPE ^_^

Rich White
Jamaal Williams

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