Why do creationists repeatedly use false and/or failed arguments? – VIDEO





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Even the “worst” day in heaven is far better than the “best” day in hell!
After I’ve seen every square inch of the city, read every book, spoken to everyone, done all there is to do, there will still be worshipping my Savior for all eternity & that never gets old! I don’t know what all eternity has to offer, but I’m very eager to find out.


Without Jesus as Lord of your life you LOOSE! Jesus is the way the truth & the life. We all exist somewhere for all eternity. Question is will you be with Jesus in heaven or satan in hell?
Living forever with Jesus is the greatest reward it hasn’t even entered into man’s imagination all the awesome things God has prepared for us. God is the Creator of all things there will never be a dull moment in heaven in God’s GLORY! God has already been around an eternity past & He never complains!


NICE, POWERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



BTW, can you make the robot suit look like X from the Mega Man X series? Please say yes!

PS: Yeah, I wish you had the knowledge and resources too…sigh…maybe one day.


Sir, time to construct you a fusion powered robot body and transplant your siliconized brain into it. Wish I had the knowledge and rescoures to do so.


I wanna live for a 1,000,000,000 years and have superpowers or an amazing ship that can travel through space…ahh…so much to see and ponder. My little human brain can’t even imagine or comprehend all the amazingness of space! SPAAACCCEEEE!!!

Sorry, I just love space.


Does anyone get a grin or a smile of excitement from these facts. Not because of disproving God (well, it does), but because space is amazing! So many things to learn, so many wonders! That my friends, is true magic right there.

Justin Vincenti

what if there were more Earthlike planets in the universe than there are people on THIS earth. Theres only 7 billion of us and yet 400 billion galaxies.

johnny sparks

Everything we see or know is but a small part of a little bit of more than we can comprehend,,,so,,how can anybody say they have all the answers,,or even a few,,if any at all,,about anything or nothing at all.,peace out

Gary Mcmillan

there is nothing before the universe vs there is nothing before god I win based on the fact we know that there is a universe. and living forever is the worst torture imaginable sure maybe the first 1,000,000,000 would be fun but then what? what will happen when you’ve done everything only to realise u have nothing left to do but wait until eternity never ends

Steven Christ

hahah, you believe that shit they tell you? you’re living INSIDE the Earth, which CONTAINS all the planets, you stooge, indoctrinated and duped like the rest. Glass and Ice at the top of the sky too, but will you ever listen before the ice all falls down. You fucking idiot.


If there is only one god, explain Krishna, Budda, Odin, Zeus, Vishnu, Allah and the others. If there is only one god then why does he not do away wioth the others and prove himself the only god? God didn’t write any commandments. He required man to write them and the bible. If he is so powerful and mighty, why did he require a human hand to transcribe them? Why did he not just create them all with his own might and give them to everyone? Why did he not speak to the masses to deliver the words?


SO then with Adam bening 100-200,000 and Eve at 100-150,000 there is a 50,000 yr gap.. LMFAO.. Meaning eve may have been 50,000 yrs younger than Adam??? And you still believe this book?? ROFLMAO.
Science does not prove religion.. It proves that 2 people were the first to mate and populate the species. 


Wrong again.. Without the sunlight and with high sulpher content in the air. Nothing would be able to breath or flourish. Chlorophyl would not be produced and carbon dioxide would not be created from living creatures to enrich plant growth. With a high concentration of volcanic activity, comes higher growth potential for plants due to the enriched soil. The lava also cools and forms more islands (Japan, Hawaii, so on). Nothing would live on the earth except microbs. Learn some science yourself.


Proof of Santa was already given but I will indeed do it again to gob stomp you. “Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle. Saint Nicholas of Myra was a 4th-century Greek Christian bishop of Myra in Lycia, a province of the Byzantine Anatolia, now in Turkey.”


Again you are wrong as I have pointed out. E yom was considered the long-finite amount of time and the days were considered 24 hrs. And I gave my sources and sites for that proof. Unlike you with your speculation of the “day is longer than 24 hrs” theory.


I think that if somebody accidentally put the hobbit and the Lord of the Rings into the non-fiction section somebody would think that’s how the earth is/was.


I think that if somebody accidentally put the hobbit and the Lord of the Rings into the non-fiction section somebody would think that’s how the earth is/was.

Chintan Parmar

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Poverty is not intrinsically a trap, otherwise we would all still be poor.

Soren G

No,evolution doesn’t disprove Adam and Eve….logic does!a man,formed from clay and than a woman,formed from one of his rips?
right…it is THAT believable…..not!
Genetics places humans a bit further back…all humans derived from TWO individuals????where do you live?the southern US?I know that incest is kinda cool down there,but in the real world we run into problems with that….

Lord American

Cont’d: Old-Earth creationism also realizes, unlike you and young-earth creationism, that the stories of Adam and Eve in Gen 1 and 2 don’t quite agree. This is because the “days” were not literal twenty-four hour days. Several weeks, years, or even decades passed between the time of Adam’s creation and Eve’s creation, which Gen 1 says happened on the same “day.” This problem disappears by realizing that the definition of yôm used in the original text is, “a long, but finite amount of time.”

Lord American

That website is a young-earth creationists website. Of course it’s going to say that they are literal days because it doesn’t see the evidence for what is more true–old-Earth creationism. Old-Earth creationism revolves around science to prove God’s existence. Young-Earth creationism only uses the Bible. Old-Earth creationism, unlike young-Earth creationism and you, realizes that the Bible does not specify the age of the earth, or the ending of the seventh “day.”

Lord American

Where is your proof of Santa? God proves himself through Science: Physics, the universe, Biology, the earth, etc. Santa proves himself through what, your parents’ signatures? Your childhood of finding presents under the tree that were made in China? I’m pretty sure that if Santa was real, the stickers would say “Made in the North Pole, just as the figurative sticker on the universe says “Made from Nothing,” which happens to be the definition of the word “created”.

Lord American

Once again, this goes back to the early atmosphere of the earth, which would probably have been somewhat like Venus’ atmosphere due to volcanic activity and a high concentration of sulfur. Until the atmosphere cleared up, there would be light, but there wouldn’t seem to be anything for the light to be coming from until the atmosphere cleared up to show the source of the light. It’s called science. Learn to speak it. It complies with Genesis.

Lord American

Cont’d: Now, for the last freaking time, people damn themselves by choosing to not live with God. Please, before you make the assumption that God damns people, do the freaking research. By sinning, people are choosing to stray away from God. By repenting, they are choosing to come closer to God. We choose our own “afterlife” in our “life”. We can choose to either live in Paradise (with God) or eternal torment (without God).

Lord American

Cont’d: How is that narcissistic? If you created someone and they worshiped other creators even though you made it clear to them that you created them, would you tolerate it? No, because it is disrespectful. There is nothing sadistic or narcissistic about it. The other six Commandments go to morality and how you should live. Don’t kill, adulterate, steal, covet anything that isn’t yours, don’t bear false witness against anyone, and be respectful.

Lord American

The first four Commandments can be summed up as: There is only one(1) God. This one(1) God created everything you see around you, and loves you very much. Because there is only one(1) God, worshiping any others is not tolerable because it should be clear by now that there is only one(1) God, who wrote these commandments. Because he created you, you should be thankful.