Critic Pissed At YouTube Atheists Makes JaclynGlenn Look Good… – VIDEO


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[1] “Why Do Atheists Hate Religion?” ~Atheist Atheist

[2] “Religion: Society’s Cancer” ~JaclynGlenn

[8] “Child Witches – Nigeria” ~Journeyman Pictures



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I would like to see a rigorous statistical analysis looking at the net benefit vs the net negatives of religion (though it would be hard to even conceptually measure benefits and negatives). This would easily solve his challenge but I don't think it's realistic to assume it can be done accurately.


That is annoying when someone says if religion causes problems if it's gone then something will replace it as the problem causer. While this might be true it's a lot like saying "well ok maybe hight fat foods are bad for your health, but keep eating high fat foods because if you don't eat hight fat foods something else will kill you". It's funny because some people actually use that argument for eating unhealthy. :)

Imam Brother

Lovely to see a brain at work.

Rawr I'm Lucipurrr

Hey Peter, I know this might sound irrelevant, but I found this video of Hamza Tzortzis debating with this guy on the street. Thought you might be interested.

Jade Black

Jacklyn Glenn is the Bulimia of the Atheist community.

A bunch of shit goes in, and half processed shit is vomited out.


He is conflating what people believe with how they feel about things. If they feel something is right, based on their own subjective emotional state regarding whatever issue it is, then they state it as a righteous belief, whereas, the atheistic assertion surrounding belief is more to do with demonstrative facts which can be proven as being correct, using thought rather than relying solely on feelings.


Also — not everything is a 'beneficial' thing because it was passed on, through evolution — it can simply be a by-product of an evolutive adaptation…

Odious Brodious

Slavery was almost entirely abolished in the british colonies due to the evangelical revival that accompanied the movement for twenty years after a slave convinced a court to end slavery in 1781. The bible was actually used to convince slave owners to free their slaves.

The french brought it back with their demand for cotton.

Sarcasticpanda 666

I am just wondering, why do people not like Jaclyn Glenn's videos? I don't think she is awful, or am I missing something?


Can evolution actually be applied to something like religion? Religion is not really a biological mechanism that I know about. If I had to guess, the good that religion may do would largely have to do with creating a social construct to bring people together. On a global scale, however, with the travel and openness of the world today that is working against us by dividing us.

Also, changes can be neither beneficial or negative.

C’est le ton qui fait la musique…