Dallas shooter’s dad blames ‘liberals’ for his son being a total whackjob… – VIDEO


The father of a man who opened fire on Dallas police headquarters blames liberal policies for his son’s obsessive anger.

“Every one of us has a breaking point,” said Jim Boulware. “He hit his.”

A police sniper shot and killed 35-year-old James Boulware — described as a conspiracy theorist who had made threats against schools, churches, and family members – after he fired gunshots and detonated explosive devices shortly after midnight Saturday at the police station.

His father told CNN his son was enraged at police – who the younger man blamed for taking away his son in a custody battle.

Jim Boulware said liberal policies had spurred a Child Protective Services investigation after he choked his mother two years ago, which landed him in jail for three weeks – until his father bailed him out.

“I knew he was angry at police, he blamed them for taking his son,” the elder Boulware said. “I tried to tell him the police didn’t do it. The police were doing their job to enforce the laws. If you want to get to that, you’ve got to go back to the liberal people that put these laws in place, to where CPS and all can grab kids.”

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RT @holesinthefoam: Dallas shooter’s dad blames ‘liberals’ for his son being a total … – http://t.co/rgZpk2G24m #Boulware #StupidStates #…

Has any idiot in Texas ever taken responsibility for being woefully ignorant?


No, that’s what Texas is famous for. 😛

No doubt. A man who would choke his own mother is certainly safe and responsible around children. Obviously a liberal plot.