This video is response to dark matter 2525 and how he truly promotes Lucifer and the Mark of the beast 666 it’s in his films depicted as his god and again di…

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  1. This video killed my dog. LoL. No but seriously I watched it for about the
    first four minutes and I couldn’t take it anymore I had to stop it.

  2. Lmao you just proved you have no idea about masons. Try working for a
    living you have too much time on you hands and not enough brain cells to
    deal with it.


  3. Why is he falling for this stuff??? It’s completely crazy. It’s sad that
    people actually fall for this and other false informations. 

  4. I’m going to ask something.
    Please stop putting original songs in your videos.
    I don’t demand it, that’s not my place.
    And you can keep doing it if you want to.
    I just wanted to bring it up because it’s making me turn off your videos.

  5. Crap he has caught us out. I really hope he doesn’t realise we’re trying to
    clone ten thousand hitlers to be the elite officers in our satanic new
    world order to kill all christians and then use their eviscerated corpses
    in our satanic unholy rituals to empower lucifer so he can completely over
    throw god and destroy him. 

  6. Damn!!! An all powerfull been(god), and the best he could create was this
    “thing”, what a selfish bastard, not only he made “it” ugly as fuck but he
    also forgot to give “it” a brain.

  7. Incredibly stupid argument. Darkmatter2525 is not satanic in the least, he
    is simply creating cartoons to expose the fact that god would be nothing
    but a bitch if he were a real thing. 

  8. Your videos are convincing!!! Religion does stops the thinking mind … You
    dropped your washcloth wipe your drool … Truth never sleeps … and it seems
    that you don’t either. Sleep deprivation can adversely affect the brain and
    cognitive function. It can cause hallucination, confusion, memory lapses or
    loss, and psychosis. Fail!

  9. And actually there are Christian scientists and science will do 1 of 2
    things eventually DISPROVE Gods existence OR convert countlesss people once
    it is proved that God is 100% real

  10. There is also a leaked illuminati video on the YouTube that claims they
    wrote the bible,christianity also has more in common with various pagan
    religions than Judaism.

  11. There is also a leaked illuminati video on the YouTube that claims they
    wrote the bible,christianity also has more in common with various pagan
    religions than Judaism.

  12. You forgot to put Christianity on your “debunked” picture and by the way,
    Judaism and Christianity are just 2 sides of the same coin so you basically
    just said that almost every belief of your religion has been debunked.
    Furthermore, the Nazis identified themselves as Roman Catholics so you just
    said your own religion has been debunked AGAIN! Christianity is bad enough
    (read the bible if you don’t believe me) without idiots like you just
    spewing shit all over the internet before they think about it.

  13. Dark Matter has facts and evidence , you have non sense ! Soon people that
    study religion will know it all come from astro theology …. You
    truthneversleeps is not too smart , sir all religions are based from the
    solar system ! People are worshiping the sun , which is our savior lol
    ..Soon people will wake up !

  14. Damn, this guy caught us. Now we will come up with another way to spread
    our satanism, besides creating cartoons over the internet.

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