Darkmatter2525: Don’t Expect A Terrible Hereafter – VIDEO


I was challenged to make a meaningful animation without speech. Thanks to my friend, known as C0ct0pusPrime here on YouTube, for challenging me to do this a while back. I had a lot of ideas, but this one stuck with me the most. Life is filled with dark irony. The very thing you want the most, might actually end up being the thing you’d least want. If you’re not mindful, you might find out too late.
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  1. I miss your old stuff. your new stuff has so much time with no dialog just for build up. I feel like we get less content too because their is more time put into quality of animation.

  2. death like to troll,when you want to die he doesn't let you and yet when you find a reason to live he takes you.

  3. I love the music in this, it gives it so much more effect because of the contrast between the innocent free spirited music and the darkness of the video.. I also love the way you chose to position the girl in all of the mini scenes.

  4. No matter what it doesn't matter what we believe in cause it doesn't make it true but all I'm saying is that just because nothing happens after we die who is to say that this was the first time we were alive or your consciousness of some type has occurred every now and then in a universe that existed forever and will always exist via a multiverse, cyclic/ big bounce/ m-theory, cause given enough time anything that can happen will happen based on the laws or bylaws of each universe, membrane, or a fractal universe or wtf have you -verse, but like I said it doesn't matter what we believe in if it doesn't work with reality. Extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidence.

  5. Your amazing dude love your work, love everything you stand for. Also I have a question if you don't mind what is your take on the singularity the concept of humankind being replaced with machines.

  6. The graphics are amazing. Quality keeps getting better and better.

    I dont know how you do it, but keep it up!!

  7. Anyone else notice that the four cars are the colors of the four horsemen of the apocalypse? Pale, Red, White, and yellow (because black car on black street=not good cartoon).

    Or am I projecting?

  8. Darkmatter2525, I muted the sound and am playing Steve Shives theme music on repeat while watching this.

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