Darkmatter2525 vs Steve Shives – VIDEO


First Darkmatter gets blocked by steve, then he gets triggered by him 🙂


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Hasn't this gone too far already? Give it a rest.

Cody Holmes

I feel ya I work 12 hours a day 6 days a week I only get one day off so the company I work for doesn't get in trouble busting my ass and all I get is ten an hour wish I made more or got more days off but that's life


Haha listening to DM lose his shit made my day :)

Darran Kern

I wanna lock Steve Shives in a room and make him listen to George Carlin's "You are All Diseased" on a loop for a week straight


this is some boring shit. monkeys throwing shit because they have nothing intelligent to talk about any more.


just skip to 20:30 to get the summary

Svart fra Sør

OMFG YES. You guys actually did the compilation <3 Now bring back C0c's M0m :P

Tufte Motorsport

This, this is classic Sceptic Fence Show humour. Love it!

Godless Lesbian

I actually use "YourLifeMatters" when it comes to my inspirational instagram because it seems to piss people off less.

Godless Lesbian

i really wish you would use youtube rather than hitbox or vaughn for some reason i can watch youtube stuff, godless engineer can testify for me, but for some reason the other outlets i can't see anything.

still love you guys. i usually watch it on youtube but then i feel like i spam the comment section


Braze!! the Lord.