Dave Rubin and Gad Saad: Censorship, Religion, Secularism (Full Interview) – VIDEO


Gad Saad (author and professor) joins Dave Rubin to discuss cultural homophily, the Hijab debate, censorship, and much more. ***Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RubinReport




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  1. i dont hate the jews i just realise that 70% of the CFR and Trillateral commision are jews just like muslims and terrorists+israel is destroying palestine and nowbody is talking about it

  2. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a fan but I do watch most of Dave's interviews. The initial conversations have been so frustrating because Dave was determined to crowbar in his embarrassing arguments in defense of Israel, even though it didn't seem like Gad Saad was even heading in that direction. Dave should know by now that, at the very least, Israel is not his strong point, and he's really overplaying his hand by bringing on other pro-Israel guests and smugly dismissing everyone who criticizes.

    As a Marketing guy I'm sure Gad knows what a "me too" move is. Surely they realize that the labeling of Israel critics as "anti semitic" is exactly the same as those who smear Islam critics as "islamophobic". If this is a valid argument, I don't even care if anti-Islam people are correct and have valid concerns, the fact that they're criticizing Islam means a certain percentage of them are primarily motivated by irrational hatred – which means we can dismiss them. Instead of sticking to a principle that we can criticize bad ideas and policies, Dave is doing a "me too" and claiming anti-semitism where there is criticism of Israel. It's very hypocritical.

    My advice? If you're going to say "criticism of Israeli government policy is valid" then give us examples of what these criticisms are and tell us you actually agree with them. Tell us you agree that the settlements are illegal and must be dismantled. Tell us that you agree Israeli used disproportionate force in Gaza. Tell us you agree house demolitions and mass arrests are examples of collective punishments of Palestinians. Because if you don't tell us this, I have to assume your claim of anti-semitism to deflect criticism is a dishonest tactic to prevent discussion about these very issues.

  3. of coursh jews are getting thrown under the bus by the left. and it's what we deserve. ashkenazim practically gave birth to communism, critical theory, etc, and now it comes back to bite us because we have some 'hard' power ourselves. jews should have never gotten involved in western politics.

  4. just a technical thing: this episode sounds really echo-y or reverb-y (those are technical terms, yes?).

  5. Great Show.

    This election season is more proof that people are losing the ability to engage in complex thinking

  6. As much as you may like his position on civil liberties, Dave, my guess is if Gary Johnson were to ever be in a position to actually impose his approach to government you would quickly regret your vote.

    But then, I suppose that applies to every viable candidate we have this election.

  7. I am deeply sorry for doing this here but i guess that 1:03:40 means that Gad Saad is a doxer and a part of AIU's cult and he is sucking his dick all the time. Go on kraut show us your feet you camgirl.

  8. Dave, I've been told over and over again, by very smart people, that voting 3rd party is throwing your vote away.

    They're wrong. They've always been wrong. They presuppose that a vote is a "point" for a "team" and declare anyone who would give their points to a candidate that has no chance of winning. I've voted 3rd party in the past, and for any open congressional seats I will be doing exactly that. This is not throwing your voice away, as so many want to believe, it is exactly as you are stating it Dave, it is starving the financial beast and de-concentrating power that has been too concentrated for too long in these two monolithic and corrupt party systems.

    This process should begin, though, not at the presidential level, where money goes to win, but careers don't start. This process should start at the lower levels, the state congresses and governors and U.S senate and house. Those people should be replaced early and often with non-binary-party candidates. The more complete unknowns, with views that transcend left-right, the more we throw into the machinery and the more power we take away from the Demopublicans.

    I will break with 3rd party this election and I will vote for Donald Trump. Honestly, the only presidential power I care about is SCOTUS appointments, and Trump will protect the 2nd amendment, Hillary wont. Trump also is sticking his thumb in the eye of the globalists who want America to be the world's police, and I honestly believe he'll start fewer conflicts abroad than Hillary (who has proven she starts bullshit wars by habit). Presidents aren't supposed to have any real power anyway, they should be an afterthought in elections. Instead we've let our representatives become afterthoughts, and decided to depend on presidents to "Get our way"

    Presidential elections should be meaningless.
    Most of the power (the power of the purse) should reside in Congress, and those are the positions that matter for demolishing the corrupt two party system we have.

  9. Always awesome Rubin, giving both sides of a debate and fighting censorship. In today's climate, it's very rare and like finding an oasis in the desert of political correctness and safe spaces.

  10. Yeah, the hate speech laws aren't for the (((chosen few))) anymore. Fine and dandy that he's against holocaust denial laws but he needs to ram that point home with his fellow (((tribesmen))). This is the logical outcome of laws that have protected their fee fees and narrative.

  11. To be fair though, Dave and Gad, Haredi/ultra-Orthodox or Hasidic Jewish men, even in the West, actually do attempt to foist their dress codes on to others, or at least on to women, quite often. In NYC, they harass both Jewish and even non-Jewish 'goy/gentile' women in miniskirts on an annual basis during every single roasting New York summer, demanding them to wear more modest clothing.

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