Dear Creationists, Please Stop Pretending Science Is Faith Based… – VIDEO



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“Awaiting Return” By Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License



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stewart william

The question of religion/god … The problem becomes malignant (as in the case of religion) when one or other version seeks political and social influence over democratic design. A man who chooses to believe in a god/religion may consider that his innate right: Albeit ''correct'', but mark well, that's a personal matter: NOT a matter to corrupt a people's government to their own bidding as history has so often demonstrated! And if we do indulge any ''one'' religion, then we open a ''can-of-religious-worms'', whereupon ''all religions'' may claim the right to dictate government-policy, and thus to employ a religious sewer… Read more »


When they argue that science requires just as much faith as religion, they're actually acknowledging that faith is an unreliable path to knowledge and are undermining their own position.

The only argument he had was that he'd rather put his faith in Jesus. Yet, he already acknowledge that faith is unreliable, so in the end he has no argument at all. It's all a bluff.

Justin Bozeman

they don't want to accept that Jesus Christ is the creator? He's not! The god Yahweh created the universe in the Old Testament and then in the New Testament you see the coming of Jesus Christ. I'm not even a Christian but I've read the fucking books…. Jesus Christ came thousands of years after the creation of the universe don't you dare give credit to Jesus Christ for creation.

Justin Bozeman

what does society be so much better if we were allowed to immediately throw religious people into a category where they didn't have any power and no one had to listen to any of their nonsense. Can you imagine how much further society would be if people like this idiot above just didn't get a say at all in any of the comings and goings of modern-day world. our progress would never be held back by morons

Justin Bozeman

I love how religious people go you can't just have something come from nothing there had to be a creator and then their next line is God's always existed. They can't accept that something can be created from nothing… But they think that their God was created from nothing. So they can't believe the universe can come into its own existence but they believe God can come into his own existence and then create the universe by saying let there be light

Justin Bozeman

this chemical has the touch this chemical this thing has to react with this thing all these things have to happen it's just ridiculous… And his counter argument is the Lord said let there be light and there was

Axsen _

Good video. Although, I feel like the whole "we're just a big accident" thing is just a way of them saying how weird they find it life exists in the first place in this functional and complex form all on its own, although they probably wouldn't admit that because those kinds of thoughts aren't really taught by Christianity. Science does explain the how but people like him want the why, which is hole the religion fills I guess. But looking at our flaws is one of the reasons why it couldn't be some super pure god who created life just… Read more »


Hard to take someone who uses the phrase "punk me out" seriously.

Intricate Beliefs

evolution: the greatest fairytale every told. you came from a rock which came from nothing


what a sad individual to require something other than yourself to have a reason to live.

Talladega Tom

I tend to withhold my up thumb until after I view a video.
In this case, the title alone warrants it.


offer scientific reading all you want, he's not interest in reading the devil's work for the devil is in the details and science gives us the details.

M. Koch

Josh? Is that you? The garbage he says sounds about right, the vertical smartphone video is correct, but the guy looks different. i don't get it! XD


9:40 If that's not projection, I don't know what is.

A Youtube Commenter

You know you're early when there's no dislikes

John Grey

I thought that not being accountable for your actions was the whole point of Christianity

Jimmy Topdog

egomaniaical presumptious evangelical church-nutter judgmental dickwad. thanks for taking him down, Essence of THought…

Jimmy David

He thinks the human body is "perfect", lol…He ignores that our "perfect" body hides tons of imperfections that, in practical terms, should makes us twist in pain 24/7. Those are the "leftover" imperfections of Evolution. (Our spine wasn't "designed" to support our upper weight on a standing position, therefore we should feel a constant discomfort on our lower back. Our insides are crawling with micro life, while some actually help us digest better, most simply produce chemicals that should make us feel like burning inside, not to mention that we produce digestive acids ourselves. And i could go on…). The… Read more »

McPeeperson Smith

"I'd rather believe" This idea comes up so much… I think he just accidentally showed a truth he likely rarely accepts.

Bojan Todorovic

"It takes faith not to believe in something"
Dude what the fuck!

Felicia Hogan

I was taught that shit in school…and home…repeatedly.

Felicia Hogan

How is it possible for someone to fail on the definition of "miracle" so badly…

Xanthe Walters

lol uber nihilist!
I love how even the small things you say make me laugh!


One of the most popular talking points screamed to the rooftops by creationists is that our trust in the empirically repeatable case laid out by science is somehow equivalent to a position held in faith. This very often comes with undertones of fighting Christian Persecution TM®, as if having your beliefs questioned in an open manner equates to having your life destroyed. Here I tackle said idea along with several others.

RT @holesinthefoam: Dear Creationists, Please Stop Pretending Science Is Faith Based… – VIDEO – #Atheism #Creatio…

RT @holesinthefoam: Dear Creationists, Please Stop Pretending Science Is Faith Based… – VIDEO – #Atheism #Creatio…

Oh just nuke the fuckers, show em Science in action ffs, getting bored with it now, bunch o fuckwitted cock wombles… Meet God you permafrost Knobgobbler…. You are holding humanity back. We want the T virus it will rid us of either you or us… either way its a win…

I love Creos. “Everything is designed!!”

Fantastic. That being the case, then how in the unmitigated fuck could you know what something non designed looks like?

Welcome to Creology 101. First lesson: How to destroy your sense of irony.