Dear Facebook, As if I give a flying fuck about Pakistan…


For anyone who’s been keeping up, Facebook has been really grinding my gears lately.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve found myself getting “slapped” with notifications and warnings about “offensive” posts. Which apparently, were violating the almighty FB’s steadfast and incontrovertible “community standards”.

Only problem was that the slaps were mostly over posts and/or re-posts that were well two, three, or even more years old.

Then comes my 30-day BAN in mid-November.

Which FB cast upon me because I called Matt Gaetz, a known racist cracker asshole GOP congressman from Florida… a, and I quote… “A RACIST CRACKER ASSHOLE” on a post of him being a RACIST CRACKER ASSHOLE to a black voter during the Floriduh election.

Due to this apparently egregious statement of fact, I got banned from doing anything on FB for 30 days.

I’d only been paroled from that charge about a month and a half, when today I got this lovely notice from above:

Yeah, a bunch of people got killed for that, that’s all.

That’s right… so I got slapped for posting the controversial cover of the first issue of Charlie Hebdo after several of their writers, staff, cartoonists and even two policemen were killed in cold blood in France.

Oh, and did I mention that I posted it FOUR FUCKING YEARS AGO when it actually happened???

So why was I slapped?

Because apparently that cover is “controversial material” and illegal in Pakistan.

Thanks for setting me straight yet again, FB.

Anyway, I deleted the post on FB, as I will be doing with all of our archived posts over the last say… seven or so years, in the coming weeks.

But here is a memento of that, which shall stay right here, along with all my other original posts.

As anybody who’s been hanging out here already knows, we’ve been phasing out FB from our mainstream activities. We no longer consider FB to be a central part of our blogging/posting/commenting sphere.

This latest incident only reiterates why I’m doing this.

We’re doing our best to move the discussions over to the main blog site, Discord, Twitter, and even MeWe (which is still a work in progress while I get it syncing up with all our blog activity).

And yes, you can help by trying to move away from FB right along with us.

Don’t go along with the status quo, guys. FB ain’t what it used to be.


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