Classic Debate – Richard Dawkins vs Cardinal George Pell – VIDEO


01:07 Question 1 – 01:45 Richard Dawkins – 03:34 George Pell 05:22 Question 2 – 5:50 Richard Dawkins 07:10 Question 4 – 7:25 Richard Dawkins – 8:10 George Pe…



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Tom Adams

Atheists , You deny God’s existence , but you’re offended by the fact that since you deny God and Jesus you go to hell after death . Would your father , ( Biological father ) keep you in his will if you completely ignore him , and insult him and his rules your whole life ???? That’s like asking for a reward , when you’ve done nothing but be insultive and crazily rebellious . God gives you your whole life to turn things around and follow him. He gave you free choice . But you turn it into , ”… Read more »

Matt Pennington

Science cant explain everything!
the bible can!

but yet people want to believe science!

(im christian)

glenn mettlen

Anyone and everyone that does not accept Christ as their personal Savior is
condemned to the lake of fire which is the second death as described in
Revelation 20:14, notice those numbers are the same as this yr. Well how
about the fact that everything described in Matthew 24:4-8 are happening
right now. Christianity is not a cult , a cult usually has one leader and
they care more about themselves than their members. They are alive and make
the claim to be God but they are walking among us as we speak. Christ
hasn’t returned yet. Therefore Christianity is not a cult. 


Studies show that 90% of all atheists have homosexual-tendencies.

Billy Bless

You cant go to heaven without accept Jesus Christ as you Lord and Savior
but it dont matter what the fuck you believe in or do because of freewill
and this is funny because both of these people I can put to shame but I
wont because thats not what I do but instead I make this world a better
world to live in!

Austin King

I am a Christian but I don’t agree with Pell saying that it is possible for
Atheists to go to Heaven, according to the Bible (Revelation 21:8) The
unbelieving will not inherit the Kingdom of God (not the full exact quote)
Atheism= The belief that God or any other higher power,higher being,etc
does not exist
Thus Atheists=Unbelievers and they are going to Hell.
Now if an Atheist converts to Christianity then yes he will go to Heaven
but at that point he is no longer an Atheist, he is now a believer

Alex Ball

Once again christians are trying to lie about hitler, trying to say he was
an atheist when he was really a christian.

Tia K

Darwinism is just plain stupidity. Just tell me ONE OBSERVABLE evidence of
species becoming other species? (macro evolution) Micro evolution on the
other hand is true. Or can science explain how can something abiotic become
biotic over time?


Stop bitching believers, nobody cares about the lies you are trying to
spread here or anywhere esle.
Go pray or some shit.

Evan McBeth

I have some questions about Dawkins.
1. Does he hate religious people? ( in The God Delusion he said no
religious person should gain no respect from society )
2. When he says ” I surely hope no one gets their morals from the Bible”,
does he mean all morals or just some morals?

Philip Fogarty

Lets look at a fact here. Religion as a whole has probably killed more
people than anything other that dieses. Atheisms has killed how many… oh
right its 0.

Carlos Ebanks

Christians shut the fuck up! You don’t believe people are going to hell for
eternity if they don’t receive Christ’s sacrifice or you’d be screaming at
the top of your lungs for people to be saved and you don’t!

GoreBag Le Mort

I am an Atheist and I recently lost my baby daughter. Upon first introduction to the social worker on duty at Canberra Hospital (ACT AUSTRALIA) I was asked: “Do you believe in God?”. I replied “No”, that was the last time over a full 6 day period myself and my partner received communication with the social worker. even to the point the nurses on staff over the 6 days/ 5 nights acknowledged the fact the social workers were purposely avoiding our room. Just because you are religious does not mean they, Even a social worker with a professional obligation to… Read more »


That athiest dude was so buthurt lmao. ive debated smarter fucking

David Wild

At 29:34 Cardinal Pell says that on page 92 of Darwin’s autobiography Darwin says he is an Atheist (or words to that effect). I have had a look at Darwin’s autobiography (see copy of page 91 [for context] and 92 below) and can’t find it. I am having trouble reading it as I’ve just come of night shift and am desperately tired. Can anybody else see what the Cardinal is referring too? “[page] 91 THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY Mahomadans and others might argue in the same manner and with equal force in favour of the existence of one God, or of many… Read more »


There are no atheists.

tman dunk

Cardinal George is a smart intelligent christian who believes in God.
George obviously won the debate. 


Yeah, although I’m Atheist, Richard Dawkins isn’t my favorite guy. I
wouldn’t consider him a true Atheist, science is his god. All hail

China Dee

I don’t understand why Christians and atheist feel the need to debate all the time. Christianity is based on faith, while atheism is based on proof, two completely different things. There is no reason why Christians should explain their faith. I see Christians always trying to prove, yet they are based on faith. You shouldn’t feel the need to try to prove everything. Same goes for atheists. Christians shouldn’t try to force religion upon atheists. They are based on proof, so until there is actually proof that there is a god, I don’t see why atheists should have to explain… Read more »

cheyanne shariat

Why do I believe in THE MOST HIGH GOD In today’s world it has become a new fashion to go around and deny the existence of the most high GOD and call that Science. We should realize the fact that there are no contradiction between being a believer and being a scientist. The Science is the work of the our great GOD the designer not something that opposes the ALMIGHTY. Scientists, like Krauss and Weinberg are rejecting all the non senses that preachers, Mullahs, rabies and Monks have done or still doing in the name of religion and etc, and… Read more »

Justin K

This was the worst argument from the Christian perspective. Saying that an
atheist can certainly go to heaven made me lose complete respect for the
rest of his opinions. I am a Christian myself and he has not represented
Full Christianity well only Catholicism. So understand this is not all the
Christians perspective just his, and party the Catholic Church. 

glenn mettlen

Jesus saved my life , He is real and so wonderful. And for those that don’t believe in Him all will find proof that He is real , some day soon the Father in heaven will say to His Son Jesus go and judge to world. Get ready now before that happens and you will become part of a huge family of people that have inherited paradise – heaven. World war three is coming and it will most likely be nuclear. Daniel 12:8 I heard , but did not understand. So I asked , ” My Lord, what will the… Read more »

John Paul Tesfae

I’m an atheist and my dad is catholic (he doesn’t know I’m an atheist) but
before he’s talked about certain animals that are so incredibly complex
that they couldn’t possibly have evolved that way. Can someone help me
answer this?

Nathanalfe Emartinez

and so, a new breed of fault finding Nazis are born.

Prranjal Shrivaastav

Can their be an atheist who may believe in Jesus? after all believing can
lead to worshiping but it’s not mandatory.

jonny boy

i find issue with what was said by pell. some will find issue with what i
say. it is a sad fact that if someone turns their back on god and does not
change, no matter how “good” they are, they cannot go to heaven.

god cannot tolerate any kind of sin, and no matter how “good” you are you
have sinned at least once. the only thing you can do to enter heaven is to
trust in Jesus, and if you do not then you are wholly a sinner and cannot
enter heaven. 


Why does anything have to be VERSUS ? Why cant people just accept each
others beliefs ? Science doesn’t prove how the universe started, nor does
any religion. In my opinion we will never know, we can argue till we die
but that solves nothing! The big bang had to come from something BUT god
also had to come from something so ? ? ? there you go. We will never know.

Paul Miskell

if there was a big bang what caused the big bang there was nothing there.
you can not get something from nothing kind of blows that theory away

Tom Adams

And the thing is , You stand by these scientists like they are God’s themselves , yet NOT ONE of them have witnessed evolution transitioning one species , nor have they witnessed natural selection . You have pictures of fish with feet , some theories about a third ancestor that we humans , apes and chimps branched out in different directions from . But there is only speculation , there is no concrete evidence . It’s just a little more believable then a deity …..right ? Listen putting bones together and using graphs and pictures and idea’s doesn’t constitute piles… Read more »

Rocky Higgins

I hate when scientists, like Richard Dawkins, talk about evolution as if it
is a fact.


even if it was somehow confirmed that Christianity is a bunch of bullshit,
I’d still be a christian. Why? Because I like other christians. I do
believe in God/Jesus etc, but for me it’s more about the community than
anything else.

You don’t get those kind of nice, generous and welcoming people in atheist
communities. They are all too busy raging on the internet and getting an
ear piercing to piss their dad off