Debate: Sam Harris, Michael Shermer, Deepak Chopra, and Jean Houston – VIDEO






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wtf chopra no need 2 b childish

George Faraj

So many words come out of Chopra’s and Houston’s mouths, and so little
content. The very definition of “woo.”

Charles Davis

damn he has some major bling on his eyeglasses lol

Haures Bogdan

What is the evidence of god? – Deepak: because pizza! -Audiance: YEYYY
clap, clap clap!

garreth davis

haha harris’ face at 1:33:33 says it all


Jean Houston added nothing to the debate, at all. Deepak is the face of
woo, but it’s interesting to hear someone struggle so hard to make
mysticism fit into the material world. Prove your god, spirit, or whatever
name you give your fantasy, exists, or come back when you’ve got some
actual evidence we can deal with. Even Deepak’s son, Gotham, knows his dad
is promoting his crap for financial gain. I don’t know why people try so
hard to fit in some supernatural numbers into an equation when real numbers
already work. Where the equation doesn’t work, we wait until it does, not
just make stuff up.

Lance Wataru

God does exist. In fact there are many gods. One for every person who
believes in one. God is an alter ego to all believes in god. When you pray,
you speak to yourself. You both have the same ideas and opinions, because
you are god. If you don’t believe in god then that alter ego does not exist
within your mind. God’s existence is a fact in the mind of the people who
believe in he she it.


Fuck, i’ve watched so many debates now and this is so extremly hard to
watch because of that fucking Chopra! He always raises his voice, always
interrupts others and always talks woowoo


Great debate – thanks for uploading and the editing (if you did it) –
concentrating on the important bits only

Aaron Lehman

The best New Age thinker to listen to is Terrance Mckenna in my opinion. Check him out if you haven’t – he really turned me away from being so orthodox in my following of science. This is not to say that science isn’t an amazing epistemology, but we DO as atheists tend to overly neglect human experience as a means of learning. Mckenna doesn’t talk about any old human experience though, he uses DMT and mushrooms as a window into reality like scientists use their instruments. It sounds whacky, but no one makes a stronger case then him regarding the… Read more »

Hyde Hill

I like how this is a less structured debate compared to others. While not
becoming chaotic


Damn i wish i was up there debating in the place deepak. hurtin

monkeysee monkeyso

Deepak Chopra must spend a lot of time on wikipedia


Chopra is such a tool. 


From the supreme highest authority; Proof there is no god. Satan told me so. Jesus Saves Satan Uses Credit Cards Satan Defined: A secret christian plot and code to take over the world How Are We Doing? Climate Control: Brought to you by: Trane heating and A/C Mister Ed S3 | Horse Party Link to the Mr Ed Documentary The Anti Evolutionists Don’t want you to see. True Story: I was walking along the beach a few weeks ago and a fish came walking out of the water and came up to me and asked me if I had a… Read more »

Dage Rukios, Ninjastormbackup, Kingmaster800



Deepak is unbearable.

Welsch Laffarou

“Submit to Occam’s Principle, the principle of parsimony, that the simplest
explanations are the best explanations”
And, of course, the simplest explanation is that the entire universe was
created by an all knowing, all seeing, all powerful, invisible, intangible,
unknowable god.

Edward Zhou

holy shit new age got fucked. a theoretical physics when you need one. if
only the world works like this 

Pantheist Alexander

we are but a few brain cells trapped in an ego bubble. 


After spending too much time watching silly debates on this channel, the
inane ramblings of Deepak and Houston are refreshing. I needed a good

Robert Jensen

A lot of pissing matches in this one…..

Quinton Mendoza

Deepak needs to reassess his argumentative strategy. He sounds
illegitimate 95% of the time pointing fingers like that and raising his
voice. Its a strategy that Hitler utilized to get the people listening in
a passionate mind set.

matt jenks

Chopra is NOT new age

Erik Sanz

I feel that Deepak Chopra didn’t answer Sarah’s question. I might be wrong.


It’s sad… sounds like the atheists don’t understand how CONSCIOUSNESS is
central to the UNIVERSE.
SPIRIT… SOUL…is very hard to measure… especially to MATERIALISTS.
They are trying to mechanically DISMISS what can take an ETERNITY to
We have to learn from a history of CONSCIOUS journeys…
Hare Krishna… Amen.


the hipster wars, ugh!….. Religion is for followers, New Age mindessly sensationalistic unphilosophical crap is for followers, and scientism is for followers. And political labels are for followers. One thing that disgusts me with hipsters (among many things), they all wanna promote themselves as champions of individuality but they are all trendy hipsters who jump on whatever the hot trend is, the vegan shit, the liberal shit, the only things these atheistic “skeptic” types are the least bit skeptical of are politically unpopular ideas…. Their whole platform is attacking religion and supporting LGBT issues, well religion is too easy to… Read more »

Efrain Hernandez

damn.. sam harris has a command of the english language like few have had.

Missikech Kechqua

Wow look at Chopra, especially at 22:56, he appears angry, something his
moon bug followers accuse anyone who disagrees with their bullshit. 


The guy with the glasses is retarded, he is the reason new age looks bad.


First of all, I have to say that it’s refreshing to listen to a theistic debate where the religious proponents fully except modern scientific discoveries. I have witnessed SO much frustration from scientifically-minded debaters as their opponents continually misunderstand, misrepresent, and stubbornly refuse to accept scientific evidence. And to hear a theist say, “Big Bang: happened”, “Evolution: real”, “Great Flood: myth” made me so grateful. However, that old frustration has been replaced with a new frustration over trying to cut through all the flowery, foggy, wishy washy, New Age woo speak, to pin them down on what they actually believe… Read more »

Guy De Vos

Awesome debate. Thanks for sharing. 

George Thomas

Did Deepak refer to John Searl? John Searl is a free energy crack pot.

Neutral Savage

By being extremely neutral and observing people.. I believe, human beings
need 2 things to live..
1 is to understand the universe, the world they live in. And 2 is to find a
goal to live in that universe..
Religion is 1 and 2 .
Science is 1 depending on the 2.
Philosophy is searching for 1 and 2.


Bah, an infinite consciousness creator god is sooo 1 year ago. Come on
Deepy, get with the times! Infinite-dimensional finite consciousness
creator gods are in now! … Crazy hippy bullshit.