Debunking Creationists – Dr. Jason Lisle… – VIDEO


I examine the claims of Dr. Jason Lisle, a young earth creationist who claims to have ultimate proof of creation. Because it is based on the presupposition that the Bible must be true, creationists must misconstrue and cherry pick the evidence and process of science to try to make it appear to fit the myth of creation. They also malign the process of science itself, which is why I am compelled to point out their errors and falsehoods. Lisle also employs presuppositional apologetics, which to me is so easy to debunk, I don’t know how they could possibly convince anyone with such nonsense. Everything I claim in the video is backed by peer-reviewed scientific research.

Link to the original “Origins” video:

Scientific sources:
Evolution of Biological Information –

The age of the earth and comets –



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Liked the video. Keep it up. I make similar videos. If you'd be interested in doing a podcast or collab of sorts please add me on Skype Voysov 🙂 Skype: ryan.pattee2

Andrew Sorbello

Yeah dude your presupposition is that 'God did it' until you can clear your head of that you'll never accept any other information. 

David Waller



Ad hominem attacks. Ad hominem attacks everywhere. Question: Since when does peer reviewed or majority consensus mean something is true?


I disagree with your explanation of the 'laws of logic'. While I agree that the creationist's argument is guano of the highest order, I do not think that laws such as the law of excluded middle should be considered necessarily true. Rather, I would argue that they are reasonable abstractions based on evidence that enable us to make reliable predictions like everything else in science. I do not think it impossible that under extreme conditions that the laws of identity or excluded middle might no longer hold true. In fact quantum logic already suggests that in some ways imagining a… Read more »


Would you please read The God Code by Greg Braden and tell us your opinion of his DNA analysis based on atomic weights; his discovery is rather large.   Your opinion would be beneficial.  IF you would read it.  That could be a purely chance question for you……


oh, lol… Dr. Jason Liar. How repulsive he is.


31:24 That's all we need? No. The question of "does it harm someone" can be right and it can be wrong. It is circumstantial. For instance, it is right to hurt someone to stop them from hurting someone else, but not right to hurt them to stop them, from hurting someone else to stop them, from hurting yet another individual (stopping A from stopping B from hurting C). Hurt is but on guideline measurement, not the end all be all of prong testing.

Cryogenic Vortex

Sad to see an astrophysicist who is deliberately lying for money. He is not mistaking, he's intentionally spreading low-quality misinformation. This guy has attempted to resolve "starlight problem" and failed miserably as many other creationists on the matter.

Living Proof

I wonder if anybody actually bothers to watch this entire silly video…

Ted Soto

@22:20 Astro-physics  WTF is that?  It's the study how things with mass move as described by cartoon dogs.

Ted Soto

See, here's an apple and lots of other stuff.  Therefore creation is true.  See here's DNA.  Therefore creation is true.  And it's the Christian God by the way.  See I'm wright.  Sorry, I mean I'm write.


How'd this guy get a PhD again?

Mike J

And the dishonesty of a scientist using his "authority" to lie for Jesus.

Mike J

There's nothing more dishonest than a creatard that disables his comments after he comments. Genesis Code is one such creatard. Dishonest fuck.

Dabop bot

more projection from the creatards


I think the illustration of the bible/evolution glasses is correct. You can't see very much when a book blocks your view.

Martin Pfefferle

Sorry, dude, but your point about not needing to presuppose senses falls flat; Senses are all we have with which to perceive the world around us, so we have to assume that they are, on the whole, reliable; this isn't a bad thing.


I can barely listen to Lisle. Does he know there is ongoing research concerning empathy (and several other emotions) in several animals, elephants, chimps and other primates? Thanks for skipping the preaching. How this guy ever graduated is beyond me!


Funny how his name lie all…..

Oh dear, another disingenuous liar for jeebus.

Ever seen his theory of anisotropic light propagation?
It is supposed to prove that the universe is only 6000 years old.
He should have his doctorate forcibly inserted up his rectum.