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Federalism and Freedom: Orestes Brownson’s Case for the Federal Constitution –

Federalism and Freedom: Orestes Brownson’s Case for the Federal ConstitutionHeritage.orgThe Progressives’ commitment to an overarching vision of consolidated national power, executed through aggressive regulation, with key decision-making powers entrusted to “expert” agency administrators, means that federal–state conflicts will only …

Heartbroken brother of slain Muslim students says he is proud of his sisters (mashable)

When Yousef Abu-Salha and his youngest sister Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha were just kids, they’d team up against their sister Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, the middle child, teasing her until she charged at them and they’d scamper away, laughing
That memory stands out, he told _Mashable_. Yousef also remembers helping a friend beat a Pokemon Game Boy game in 4th grade. That friend was named Deah Barakat. Yousef didn’t known then that Deah would grow up to marry Yusor and become his brother-in-law
See also: Muslim students killed in Chapel Hill shooting remembered for their charity work
Yusor, Razan and Deah were murdered on Tuesday evening, allegedly shot dead by a man named Craig Stephen Hicks, a 46-year-old atheist. Some family members believe the murders were a hate crime, meaning they may have been killed for being Muslim. Hicks’ attorney maintains the triple murder was prompted by a parking dispute Read more…
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