Dennis Prager with Charles Krauthammer regarding the “insanity of atheism” – VIDEO

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  1. Charles Krauthammer speaks from ignorance. A non theistic view is not that
    the universe came from nothing. Where the universe or God came from are the
    same question. If the theist says “God always existed” then the non-theist
    can say the universe always existed, i.e. pantheism. “Pantheism” is a
    contradiction of terms. A non-theist can be a pantheist, but a theist
    cannot. Unfortunately, we are stuck with this stupid word.

  2. I did provide a defense of my position, and you replied by repeating the
    caricature I mentioned. Unless you wish to address the substance in my
    comments, there is nothing more to say.

  3. Are you attacking the person, or the arguement? Instead of having a defense
    of your own position, all you are doing is attacking “a caricature you
    offered” of what a generic theistic view is and bringing Christianity into
    the mix to confound the issue even more. We are merely talking about
    existence. Your persistently are confounding the issue with “a caricature
    you offered”. That is why I said you are projecting and usually there is an
    emotional aspect or reason why people project things.

  4. When you have no logical arguement left, all you can do is revert to lower
    base forms of discussion and theatrics by throwing insults and emotions
    such as smileys.

  5. Krause’s “Nothing–Universe” idea is definitely not the same as the
    metaphysical “nothing–Universe” idea. Theists like to conflate the two so
    they can argue the latter as a straw man argument into submission with a
    WLC chokehold. Yet, their own god hypothesis relies upon creation ex nihilo
    as a reason the cause has to violate known natural laws (the can’t be done
    naturally, must have been magic defense). Were you this dull as a boy too?

  6. I disagree, This is a video with Dennis Prager, who is very much a
    Christian. If that is not your position, fine, but it was a reasonable
    assumption. My reply applies to a generic theistic view as well, so don’t
    let my use of Christianity stop you. I don’t see where you got the emotions
    from, certainly not from my comments.

  7. I’ve never entered Christiantiy into this discussion, that’s another topic
    all together. It seems you despise Christians quite a bit. “What I said was
    my actual position, rather than the caricature you offered. ” Isn’t this
    you projecting?!?! We are just talking about existence, and you jump right
    to Christianity and spirits. This is the type of self speak that I am
    talking about. It seems you’re an atheist for emotional reasons first, then
    you rationalize things from there like Dawkins.

  8. And to reiterate, when are you (theists) going to answer the question of
    how nebulous wisps can create matter, and how disembodied ideas can affect
    the material world? How does a spirit create a universe? Why do you think a
    spirit could do that?

  9. “life from non-life”. Life is a natural phenomenon and we know a lot of how
    it arose from non-living matter, although not all, yet, but there is no
    reason to posit an external agent. It is unnecessary. Ironically, the
    biological definition of life is physical, corporeal. By that definition,
    the Christian god cannot be said to be “alive”, so “life from non-life”
    applies far better to the Christian worldview.

  10. What I said was my actual position, rather than the caricature you offered.
    I think there is a natural phenomenon behind the singularity, not a
    magician’s wand. I base that on the fact that our experience shows us its
    natural phenomena and not supernatural stories that explain the world. We
    see the track record of superstitious thinking in mythology books. “Nothing
    creates a universe” is true in the sense that nothing is created ex nihilo,
    its natural processes all the way down.

  11. You couldn’t answer my questions which is why I repeated them again. I just
    found your answer insufficient, evasive, and then go off on a tangent of
    things I’ve never said. Are you the one projecting here and having a
    dialogue with your own self speak?

  12. Atheist thinking only requires a natural explanation for the origin of the
    singularity, as there has been for everything else in our experience. When
    have you observed gods creating universes from nothing, or anything really?
    How do you account for a disembodied intelligence that can create matter,
    space and time while apart from these things? You don’t have a solution for
    these, you just brush them aside, as if just adding a god is enough.
    Because gods are “magic” and can do anything.

  13. When in your lifetime have you seen something come from nothing? When have
    you seen life come from non-life? For me, the atheist thinking is far more
    magical and irrational.

  14. What is interesting about this exchange is that Krauthammer is a perfect
    example of that rare animal, the agnostic theist, who clearly finds theism
    more plausible than atheism, but has the epistemic humility not to claim
    certainty and who, if he calls himself just “an agnostic” misuses the term
    as many agnostic atheists do, so Prager touting him as ‘not a believer’ is
    a misnomer.

  15. It’s amusing that you protest that God is used as a gap plug, when your
    rebuttal consists of an incredulity that an atheist doesn’t plug the hole
    left by your god. Calling god “what always has been” is an empty
    proposition. Its the essence of the GOTG. As for the origin of the
    singularity, I am happy to await results from the same people who figured
    out the singularity, the people (atheists and theists!) who work in
    science, not theology.

  16. Really? Your standing by the “Nothing — Universe” What started the big
    bang? Nothing! Really? God is not a Gap filling, it’s what always has been.
    It would have been easier to debate for atheism under Newtons view of the
    universe, but quantum mechanics and the evidence for a point of singularity
    of the Universe flies directly against an atheist view.

  17. Nothing—- —-Universe Nothing—-God—-Universe. Atheists just don’t
    use a god to fill in the gap. 🙂

  18. Atheism is insane because something came from nothing? Where did god come from then? Does god have a creator? Or did god come from nothing? My biggest issue with religion is that none of the faiths answer that question. We can from god..who is eternal. Just like some atheist say about the universe. Before becoming atheist, I never had any idea how much hate atheist face.

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