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Derren Brown is a legend. I loved the episode where he gave an atheist a
deep religious experience showing a religious experience is nothing more
than a trick of the mind. One of my favorite atheists of all time.

Gabriel Blas

2:45 Derren doesn’t seem to know who Ray Comfort is? Good for him! :)

Alan TheArtist Doherty

Watch Richard Dawkins interview him.

Bryan Conrad

I love Darren Brown. I used to do card tricks and such as a hobby, and I
must say he is right. People really do memorize tricks differently than
they actually took place. Have you seen his video where he converted an
atheist to religion by distilling fear and shit? Pretty epic. 


Derren Brown is someone everyone should be aware of. 


I guess all women should be grateful for the fact that the very fundamental
thing to our lives – giving a birth – was perfectly designed not to hurt
anyone. Oh wait…

Tim Millar

OMG Derren Brown TOTALLY just did a Ray Comfort impression. Seen it all
now; can die happy. Though he missed out the best bit: when Ray Comfort
said “it even curves towards the mouth…” (I tested this with a banana,
and mine curved AWAY from my mouth. Like, WTF?)

ixtl guul

Ray Comfort’s “Argumentum ad Bananum” is easily refuted by the fact that no
other fruit is banana-shaped.

Koko Poloko

OMG the banana thing again? Why dodnt this dipshits use a coconut or
pineapple for an example? Or thousands of poisonous plants, wich were
obviously designed to kill humans?
Ive designed a house that is build on 4 matches, but that design failed.
Why? couse of physics.

King Morgan

I have seen Darren Brown perform live in theater and he is just mind-blowingly good at what he does. When you watch him on TV you’re a skeptic (naturally) but when i saw him in the flash performing in front of my face….you question you’re own senses. I saw him when he did the ” psychic” trick and he literally told the whole audience about 10 random peoples’ life stories. (chance like he said in the video) I also saw him when he came out as a homosexual. To be honest, even though i’m not gay, i’m kind of glad… Read more »

Leslie Rhinehart

So what? We created the banana split. (We also created the banana).

Ion Man

One last thought on the perfectly designed banana…..if one observes
primates in the wild eating a banana, they actually open the skin from the
other end of the fruit. The bottom ripens faster and the little nub of the
fruit can be squeezed easier than the top can be pulled back. Nice try Ray!

Harry Ray

Love Derren Brown, my only qualm is that some of his explanations for how
he manipulated people is just lies. Sometimes he’ll do a magic trick, then
“explain” it as using the power of suggestion, or some such, when he
actually used a different method. Aside from that, love his work.

Stephen Quinn

And, of course, the banana is the product of centuries of selective
breeding by humans.

Joseph VanSandt

Never miss a chance to make fun of Banana Man XD


I like Derren, but I spot a shit ton of bullshit in some of his more recent
epic outings. 

To call him a ‘magician’ does him a great disservice. He’s actually a masterful de-bunker in my humble opinion…..

Does he not call himself a magician? The Amazing Randi is a magician and master debunker too. 😛

No, he did start out as a ‘close up’ trickster but I believe he is known as a ‘mentalist’/’hypnotist’ sceptic now !!!!!!. Kinda goes against everything ‘magician’ represents. He’s done some great shows exposing internet gambling fraud, the effects of placebo’s, ‘medium’ foolery and even had a great interview with Dawkins about cold reading…. If you push me I will dig out some links, but I’m sure its all on youtube for those that are interested…… X

Oh now look what you’ve made me do !!! This one is typical, and well worth a watch.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haP7Ys9ocTk